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Hello I’m back with another blog post this time it is about math.

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I know that when people say the word math they probably think of being bored, math can be fun if you look at it form the right perspective. We have used this math to make Star Wars space ships 🚀 which will be displayed at the PLP winter exhibition. Theses ships use right triangles📐to make laser 🔦paths and shoot lasers like in the movies. We have spend lots of time studying the phy theory which is my nickname for the theory btw. It is kind of complicated but i can simplify it for you readers, the theory is you can use this math to find the angles of right angled triangles.  Like a ladder or a triangular level, it is not a very known theory in math but it is significant

the competencies are Communicating and representing, applying and innovating, questioning and predicting. I will write about each one, and the big idea.

The first competency is Communicating and representing.

I used this when i was communicating with my group and building our Star Wars ship, we had to talk with each other and tell each other what we were doing. It was kind of hard to do because I was sick🤢 a lot of the time we were building, but we worked hard and finished our project. I could really improve this competency a lot I don’t talk a lot in class or in groups I usually just stay quiet. I represented my group at the exhibition standing next to our ship, I was explaining to anyone to walk up to me about how we built it and what it was.

The second competency was applying and innovating.

We had to apply lots of ideas to this project, including our idea of which ship to chose. I wanted to make the millennium falcon a ship from Star Wars 🌠. My group wanted to make something else they wanted to make an All Terrain Scout Turret. Which is a vehicle from Star Wars but we agreed on the millennium falcon. We had to innovate a lot during are building phase of this project, our ship is the definition of the millennium falcon it was very math based to build. Which required a lot of innovation to build we had to think a lot outside the box 📦 to finish this project.

The third competency was questioning and predicting.

We had to predict first in this project how long it would take, what it would look like, how it would work. It took upon 1 third of the time to make are ship but it was important, after that we questioned what we were building in this project, I went over this part earlier in this post just scroll up to find 🔍it.

the big idea “light energy can travel as either a wave or a particle”

We had to research about light for using the lasers in this project, we learned a lot.

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