The Force Is Strong On Tatooine

The force flows through the Star Wars universe, we had to build a product and make a project around the world of Star Wars. I chose to make a bunch of impractical Star Wars ships, to display at the Winter Exhibition.

We followed the LAUNCH cycle a list of steps to help you make a project or a product. We documented all of are work in a journal, in an app called explain everything. Here’s is the video.


The project is just building models out of card board but that launch process is a very great way to learn. It is a step by step list to put your idea into motion, here Check out the video about the LAUNCH cycle. John Spencer is the man who designed this brilliant cycle. He created it because he thought the way people were teaching student was not effective and he made a better way. I personally find the LAUNCH process very great. I like how it lets you make your own idea 💡 and it lets you do it yourself with guidances. The launch cycle is great for student who want to grab their learning by the horns. Taking in all the world has to offer and embracing their future.

My project was all about impractical ships as I said before. The models that a made were made out of cardboard now I’m going to talk about the exhibition. The exhibition was small but very full of views. Me and my class mates Logan, Nate, Julien, Owen and Noah go check out their blogs btw. We made a replica of Tatooine the planet from Star Wars. I thought it was great that we put it together is such little time. Here are the photos of my project.

We had to dress up as an iconic character from Star Wars. I dressed up as young Obi Wan Kenobi he is a Jedi master in the universe of Star Wars and a very cool and relatable character. His own Padewan turned on him and tried to kill him, Obi Wan Kenobi was forced to fight his Padewan Anakin Skywalker. If you cant tell I am a bit of a Star Wars nurd.


Here is the time lapse of me building my models.

This ship that I’m building is called a B-Wing. It is an off balance star-fighter. It is mostly used to fight other small ships in space but when it enters a planets atmosphere it should fall over and out of the sky. I also made a walker and a bomber ship but I do not have videos of those ones being built. .

This is all for my blog stay tuned for another blog post.

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