My journey to the Mpol


This post is going to be about reflection.

We have a presentation coming up called an MPol. An Mpol is a “Midway Presentation Of Learning”. We have to think of a question and answer it with examples.

The My question is, “Improving my writing and spelling by the end of the year!”

I have a habit of making small spelling and grammar mistakes, I know this because my mom always reads my post and tells me that I need to fix these errors. So I do and when I do I slowly see where I make these mistakes. When I see where these mistakes are made, I take notice and that is helping me learn. This does not mean that when you read my posts, it will be mistake free but I try my hardest to stop making these mistakes and to proof read my posts before publishing them. If you read my old posts you will see my grammar mistakes and there are a lot of them. As I have continued to write these posts, I have become better at my writing and I don’t make as many mistakes anymore.

Quick mention to Felix L go check out his amazing blog.


My answer to “Improving my writing and spelling by the end of the year”

I believe if I continue to write these posts and in class paragraphs then I will learn to improve my writing.   I have been improving as I write a lot each post. Every time I write I get just that much better at it. In humanities I  had to write about meaning of the media and how it can affect your life and control it. I didn’t do so well on that post but I improved on the maker post about Star Wars, check out the link.

My next goal is “Being less shy in groups”

without question I am very shy 🤐. I have never been super confident. I have no examples of me being confident and brave when in a group presentation or group. I have been shy my whole life I was born a sensitive boy. I have never been able to make lots of friends. I am willing to not let anxiety get me down. I have been learning from my mom how to manage social anxiety.

My answer to “Being less shy in groups”

As I learn how to be more confident, I need to very brave when I present projects. I have gotten a lot better my example of this is the Winter Exhibition. I was able to keep myself together as people were coming and looking at my project. This helped me grow and practice managing my fear 😥.

My last question is to “manage my time better”

I am not good at doing my work right when It is assigned, I procrastinate a lot with school work and I am looking to change this habit. I have lots of examples from this post alone. I kept taking long brakes between questions. I have done this with reading books, writing and art. I need to stop doing this every time I am assigned work.

My answer to,  “manage my time better”

I need to work and keep it up until I finish the assignment. I could listen to music when I work to help keep me in the chair and typing but I think it would distract me so I won’t do that. My mum has told me it is not easy to listen to music and concentrate on thinking at the same time. I could boil some water and make a cup of tea to help me keep focused 😶.  I am not good at concentrating on one thing, my brain jumps to one thought after another. I am not good at subjects that require focus like math.

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