The Wonders Of Chemistry Coding

This project is all about chemistry and coding And science btw check out my matter simulator on scratch.


Hi I am back with another blog post. This time it is about Chemistry 🧪 and coding. I throughly enjoyed make my project, which was a Matter Simulator. This was an interactive piece of technology that was made using a program called scratch. It was not hard but I am proud of what I made. It can change looks, bounce around atoms and explode when the pressure gets to high. It took a lot of time to make. I used the J.J Thompson model for my atoms. If you didn’t know J.J Thompson was a scientist, That revised the atom model and made a new version. It looked like the top of a blue berry muffin or plum pudding. He revised the atom model because he thought the way that John dalton, the scientist who had experimented with it originally missed some things. There for it is known as the blueberry muffin model or plum pudding model. We also had some competencies and a driving question which I will mention now.


the first competency is Communicating:

we had to communicate with are teacher and pears about what we were Making. I asked my friend a lot about advice. I didn’t make a flawless simulator it has some bugs but I am happy with how it turned out. Communication wasn’t the most important competence but was needed none the less.


the second one is Evaluating:

We had to evaluate are own work and build on it. After doing something we had to ask are selves if we wanted to add more to that segment of the code. I did this multiple times when making something in my coding. I looked over what I had coded and fixed glitches. We also had to complete a test at the end of the project it was evaluating are knowledge I this subject.


The third one is Questioning and Predicting:

I questioned things a lot while planning and making this project. I also made a mind node about planning for this project. It contains questions about the project and other things. This is required almost every time we make and create a product and project.

The driving question was “how is the motion if atom and molecules related to temperature”:

Atoms move faster when the temperature and environment get hotter. They slow down when the temperature and environment gets colder. The motion is related to temperature because the heat adds kinetic energy, as proven by the kinetic molecular theory.

This is the Mind Node:

We made this mind node at the beginning of this project. It is not super detailed but it explains what I was going to research and make for my project. It has different segment for different parts of the project. This is all done on an easy to use app called mind node.

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