The Wonders Of The destination Of Imagination

So I am back, it has been a while. This time I am writing about Destination Imagination. This is my first time doing destination imagination. So lets just jump right into this post.

So destination imagination is basically a tournament for smart students, no just kidding its a little tournament to get kids imaginations flowing. You can be any age to enter as long as you can do every thing required. You have to have a team, for me I had a team of five. This team consisted of Logan, Dries, Erin, Sophia. we worked pretty well together but we are not even done yet, we have the provincial tournament on April 4th and Carson Graham Secondary. Anyway we had a long process, this process consisted of lots of planning prepping and work sheets. before we could even start to build are solution, in DI you get a challenge in which you have to solve by creating a solution with your team. Are challenge was picture this, btw click this link to check out all of the challenges. We also had to sign an interference form so that are parents or friends could not help or interfere. Th


This was an amazing opportunity but with this opportunity comes work. We were being marked on the competency of Research and Understand. When starting this project, we had to research about are challenge. We read lots of rules about the tournament. For example we had to ware shoes it was weird. From all that work comes triumph, we did well on are challenge. Now we are starting the same cycle, we are building onto are challenge to make it better. This is the video of are presentation:

this video was filmed by one of my class mates Annie. She filmed this for my group so credit to her. If you could not tell, I was the alien the creature with a mask and long claws. It was not hard to do but the noises I made are inspired by the movie and character the predator, it was a film from 1987. The mask was also some what inspired by the character.

We are working on upgrades for are presentation we are building an actual rocket prop to hide behind. It is made out of card board and will have a window. It will be one of are team choice elements, that means its an accessory that the team decides to make we have to make two the other one is a space rover. we also had two astronaut helmets.

That is the main astronauts helmet, we also had an alien but that is being changed. We now only have astronauts and launch control. Two American astronauts and one Russian astronaut. I play the Russian astronaut and logan and dries play the other two. This is a better version and a more realistic version.

Any way that is all for now, I will surly be back writing soon. I still have to write one more post before I am done for spring break. That is all for today see you next time bye. 👋 👋 👋

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