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Well I said I would be writing another one. Hello readers, today I will be talking about the renaissance. So lets get right into the history.

So the renaissance started in the 1300’s. It was a time were humans started to believe in science more then God They started to paint and build, this is were the great artists started. Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo are to artists that started this great era of art. Michelangelo painted the inside of the roof on the Sistine chapel. Leonardo De Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, a beautiful piece painted in a way so that the eyes follow you when you walk past, or from side to side. Other artists of this time like Raphael also used the same style. Every painting in this time shows humans as big and unopposed species. This is the theory of humanism, a belief that humans are superior to every thing else. In the Middle Ages they always would paint God or Angels bigger then humans. With ideas Of humanism God is no longer believed as a being spirit in all of us. Anyway with this new way of thinking came the dissecting of human body’s to find out what is inside the human body. This is what pushed the scientific revolution, this revolution is what gave birth to scientific method. It is a list of procedures that allow science to be what it is today.


The competency’s for this renaissance project: Create and Cause and Consequence

in this project we made a song that ties in to the end of the Middle Ages and the start of the renaissance. It uses the song “it the end of the world as we know it” a song by R.E.M. its an old rock song. Anyway we had to make and create a parody of this song. It was pretty easy, I enjoyed the project mostly because I like to listen to music. Sorry I am getting distracted, we Made it from scratch, we started by modifying the lyric then we sang those lyrics in garage band. We put the music file in the background and bam it was finished we made a group version as well but that one was not as good as my first.

 Anyway lets move on, the renaissance was an awesome time full of creativity and belief we got lots of amazing pieces of art from it like I mentioned before. I still have one thing I need to say before this paragraph ends. It is that the rich men of this time could use the art and artists to gain power. This one thing we had to research the Cause and Consequences of the renaissance. The cause, Middle Ages people and priest start to question the churches. This is when Martin Luther  became a big part of this history. The church started handing out these pardons called indulgences.   A pardon from purgatory, a place between heaven and hell. Martin Luther decided he would read the bible and found out that this was not the case, by the way no one could read at this time other then scollers, priest, nuns and rich men. Anyway he nailed his 95 thesis on the local church door. This caught a lot of attention from the pope, who pulled him in front of the emperor. Martin Luther was German, this all took place in Germany. That is one of the main causes of the renaissance, now for the consequence. Corrupt leaders, yes they had corruption in the Renaissance, rich men would commission artists to paint famous pieces of art. Like the Medici’s, here is the article I read about. It was very surprising when I first read this, I did some research and found out how many corrupt leaders we have had. Spoiler alert 🚨 a lot the article I read from had eight. That’s a lot of corruption the one that stood out the most was Ferdinand Marcos, he was the president of the Philippines. He took tax money from the huge businesses and used it for him self. That is not right any way those are the competency’s

So that is the renaissance covered, lets talk about the rest and smaller parts of the project. We have had a lot of milestones the biggest one was the time we had to hand in are song. I will admit I did it in one day. I think I did it quite well, any way that is going to all from me today, I will be surly writing soon until then this has been it bye.

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