The Ultimate, Ultimate Road Trip


So we are back, it has been a while. This time we are talking about math and budgets. So we have just finished this project called the Ultimate Road Trip. What we had to do was make a graph of are spending and a map of where we start and where we finished. We also had to make a mind map of are project at the end.

Here Is My Project End Ming Map.

So moving on from the introduction. This was a project about planning a road trip that was under $10,000 dollars in cost. Mine ended up being around $9,050. It was also about crafting your dream trip like buying expensive stuff and go to cool places. I chose to buy diamond encrusted bags and glasses and to have a Tesla. I had basic costs like hotel, car and food but I also had a PlayStation.


The Competencies

Reasoning and analyzing:

I did well on this I estimated my cost before doing the math I estimated the time It would take to write this post. It was two hours btw if you where wondering. So yes I think I did well on this competency. I analyzed my graph to see how much I spent at how many days.

Representing and communicating:

I communicated with my teacher a lot during this project. Asking how to do this math, how to Make a spread sheet. I talked to my teacher a lot as well. So yes, I communicated and represented my ideas with my teacher on what I was doing on my road trip.

Connecting and reflecting:

I connected my mathematical ideas to my road trip. I used linear relations to predict the rest of my trip. It was nice to be able to do connect math to the real world. I also reflected on my work, what I learned, what I need to learn and how far I have come.

This has been a pretty short post but I need to go and write another so I will see all you readers in the next post bye!!!!.

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