This Object Tells A Story


Every Object Tells A Story. What a project, we had to write a short story and We learned all about what an artifact is.  I found this assignment extremely enjoyable  once we got to writing the short story. So lets jump into the grit of this project.

It all started in the beginning of June! We were assigned a project called,  “Every Object Tells A Story!” We had to  listen to our teacher Mrs Maxwell in class as she taught us about New France. Then we had to take our knowledge and write a short story, mine was called , “The Story Of The Trade Axe!” The Artifact that inspired me to write the story was an axe from New France. The axe was used for trade. My main character is an adventurer named Max. He finds the axe and then has a flash back to the past in New France. This leads him on an adventure to find his heritage and family members grave.

Here is the ePub of the book:

Now you briefly know the storyline, and you know the premise, lets move on to the  competencies  and reflection of this post. The first thing I am going to talk about is theevidence of my learning in this project. I learned a lot about the French colonizing Canada and about New France or Quebec.
The biggest thing I learned was how to write a good short story. This is the most important part of my project., writing the short story.  I was careful with my spelling and grammer and also my wording and my tenses. I learned from it all and I am happy to say that I grew from it. The biggest evidence of this was my first draft of my story. It was poorly spelt and had bad grammer every where,  I rushed it and it made little sense. When I made my second draft the one in this post I was more carful. The most important thing I learned is how to use tenses. I watched a very good video about how to use tenses that really helped. I also think that the artifact research was crucial in allowing me to grow in my writing and history, I learned how to research well. Now it is time to move on to the competencies.
The first one is Evidence:
       Evidence is a bit hard to describe but here we go. Evidence means, how do you evaluate a historical artifact to see if it is adequate for a story” this is in my own words btw. So I chose the Trade Axe as my artifact. I think it was definitely an adequate artifact for a story it was amazing and helpful at times to write about. I think it made for a great short story.
The second is Communication:🙂
      Communicating my ideas  was hard, I feel I have done better at communicating online. I have also communicated my ideas through my short story. I made a mind node of what I wanted my story to look like. I planned and I prepped before I wrote anything. This definitely payed off in the long run My spelling was much better, I have learned that writing slower I make less mistakes. I communicated the story well in the final draft and my ideas came out well.
Here is the mind node
     My last humanities post is finished!!!!!! What a great semester it has been. I will see everyone next year.👋😁

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