Time To Make Some Frankenstuffies

Hello, it’s Josh. its the end of the first section of the school year and time to start winter break, but before I can do that I have to reflect on our final project Rise Of The Frankenstuffies. It has been tough we had little time to make this project. I still think the product came out well. so basically we had to take stuffed animals and cut them up and sew them back together. I made a bear, moose, mouse hybrid, it was very plump and very creepy. Then we had to make a character and story around that character. The final product was a video of our story which I will show you later. 

My Frankenstuffie below



Now the driving question “How do Revolutions transform the world.” This is a tough one, revolutions transform people and places drastically. They alter mindsets and environments but the world is a very broad topic. I believe they transform the world by changing people’s perspectives, ex. the Industrial Revolution. it was a time when the world was evolving, technology was only getting better and people had to adapt. Instead of farming, they became factory workers. But it also changed the world, the Japanese either had to industrialize or be conquered because of the British industrializing so fast. It also changes the ways the world thinks, travels, works and talks. So that is my answer, revolutions change the world by giving them new technology and ideas as well as altering the mindset and lifestyle of citizens.

Now for the competencies, there is a lot for this project. 

Number one: “Creative Communicator,” I think I did very well on being a creative communicator, I communicated my ideas creatively in my short story and film. I showed my thoughts in the most creative ways I could. I used animation and photos in my video and I used historical events in my short story. I was creative, along with being innovative. 

Next Competency, “Designing Texts.” 

Designing text, crafting dialogue, making stories and write blog posts. In all of these, I had to craft what I wanted to say. To reflect my topic and story, to say and get my topic across to the readers. I designed my text in every paragraph and story. So I believe I have achieved accomplished in designing text. 

Next Competency, “Comprehending Texts.”

We did a lot of reading on this project. We had to read four short stories and a book. This links into comprehending, what we were reading. Understanding the topic and the purpose helped a lot with writing our short stories. I comprehended a lot of text during this project and it helped me a lot. I learned a lot from comprehending it. 

Next Competency, “Analyze Cause and Consequence.”

We had to analyze the causes and the consequences of the Industrial Revolution. the main cause was a change being wanted. The rich wanting to make more money while making mass production. The consequences of that were death, trade unions and public education. The last and final consequence was the world we live in today the technology we have at our fingertips. 

The final Competency, “Establish Historical Significance.”

We have a lot of history. Humans have been on the earth for a very long time. So how do we decide what is significant and what isn’t? Well, that is what I had to do for this project. The Industrial Revolution was one of the most significant events in history. I learned to understand what makes an event historical and what doesn’t. 

Here is the final video/ film:


I enjoyed this project, making the stuffies was so much fun. I learned a lot about editing and history. It was truly a wonderful project. This is my reflection on it. It was truly fun to do. I hope we get to do more things like this in the future. 

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