The Cases Of The Nations

Hello everyone!!!!, welcome back to my blog post. Today I will be talking about my most recent project called The Case For A Nation. First I will tell you what Nationalism is. It is the pride and loyalty one feels for their country or nation sometimes to the detriment of another nation. This is what our main topic was for the six videos we made. we had to make an interview, an animatic, an explainer video, a second explainer video, a cumulative video and a reaction video.  all in just four weeks, this was difficult because we had a small amount of time to do a lot of work. 

Milestone one. 

So for this milestone, we had to interview our parents. it was not easy we had to sit our parents down and interview them. like we were a reporter. this was hard because we had to make questions are selves. My interview I think went pretty well my dad answered the questions with good strong answers. I feel I also edited the video pretty well. 

Milestone Three.

For this milestone, we had to make an animatic. A live storyboard to show a story of a certain example of nationalism. I chose the Crimean War, a war between the Ottoman Empire and Russia. It was fought over the holy land and for the power over all catholic people. So I designed my animatic to be about all of those counties having a big fight over the holy land and the countries were shown in the form of humans so face, arms and legs. I think the animation came out looking great but I need to improve it by adding audio and make the story more clear. 

Milestone Six 

We had to make a tutorial Video about British North America. So I chose to make mine by doing a drawing tutorial. I drew John A Macdonald, the first prime minister of Canada I think this video was my favourite. I love to draw, btw Blog coming soon on art. Yeah, I explained all about what John A Macdonald did and what he made which was a confederation. I mentioned the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) and the London Conference which was the conference John A signed the British North America Act. This was the start of what we know as Canada


Milestone Eight 

Milestone eight was a little different it was an explainer video. we made an explainer video about oppression and how it affected Canada. it did affect Canada a lot, to this very day Canada still has issues between the first nations and the British/french. We had to choose the Mètis French/Aboriginal/ Louis Riel or the Indian Act. I did the Mètis/ Louis Riel because I connected better to that story. I did connect well to Louis Riel and the Red River Rebellion. I enjoyed reading the textbook and learning about it. it was a cool story it also told of how Manitoba became a province of Canada. I feel I reached an accomplished level on that video. 


Milestone Nine 

Milestone nine was fun I teamed up with my friend Julien Kettmann. We made a video recapping the past four videos and I think this was my best one. It had good audio and good pictures and music. I enjoyed partnering with someone and I learned a lot of good video skills from this video. it was the best video so far and one to archive. 

Milestone Ten

Milestone ten was an ok video. it was similar to the first video it was an interview-style it was a Reaction Video. so I had my dad react to my cumulative video. it went well it was a little hard to not get my dog to interfere but it didn’t matter she was small enough to not mess with the camera. so I feel it came out the best it could for the time and resources I had to make it. 

The Competencies Of Learning 

Number One: 

Designing text: I think I achieved this Competency because of how many times I had to do it. it was a very big one and I did a lot of designing during this project. Ex. tutorial Video and Interview were the two I feel I showed the best of this competency. 

Number Two:

Empowered Learner: I achieved this competency. I used the techniques I had to my advantage using tons of different apps to build knowledge. Ex. Tutorial Video and Animatic Video. these are my best uses of the technology I had I edited a lot in the tutorial and I used Keynote tons in the animatic. 

Number Three:

Continuity and change: ok, I didn’t do the best when it came to continuity and change. the best example I have of this competency is my tutorial video. in my tutorial, I identified continuity and change of the Canadien Confederation. 

The Last Competency:

Evidence and resources: I did not do very well on this competency I messed up a lot of my work cited and was bad with sources but I did have good evidence from the textbook. 



                In conclusion, I feel I learned a lot from doing this ten milestone Project. I got to work individually and with a partner, I got my dad involved. I learned all about my background, my heritage. Who I am I hope everyone reading found a bit of themselves while reading this. I hope everyone reading enjoyed it, that’s it for today bye. 

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