The Signifigance Of Art In History

Hello Josh here, today we will be learning about WW1 and how it shaped Canada. For this project we were tasked with making a video about an artifact and a soldier. The soldier I chose was Scottish-Canadian, meaning he was born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada. His name was William Mcintosh, he fought for the Cameron Highlanders Of Canada. He enlisted in 1914 and died 1918. He was a piper meaning he would play the bagpipes just before the soldiers would attack. 

The artifact I chose was a painting but not just any old painting it was a painting of the same regiment of soldiers William Mcintosh was in, The Cameron Highlanders. The painting is a symbol of all the soldiers and men who fought for there countries during the war. 


The entire project was based around these artifacts from the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa Canada,

We also put on a display/museum in our school library showing other students these artifacts. 


I learned alot from the Milestones aslwell specificly milestone 3 and 5. milestone 3 was the video screenplay we had to write. To complete this milestone we had to do lots of reasearch about are soldier and artifact to craft a script for are video. I learned alot about WW1 and my soldier during the time I spent writing this screenplay. The other milestone is milestone 5 this milestone taught me about makeing a videos and how to use Imovie most effectively. It was pretty easy learning how to edit and add sound in Imovie. It was also very important to understand and will definetly be a skill I will need in the future.

We also had competencies to complete.

The first competency is Establishing Historical Significance

This basically means we had to connect the historical event of world war one to our project. this was a pretty easy thing to do. We also had to connect are artifact and are soldier. 

The second competency is Global collaborator

This one was just using are technology and connections to collaborate on a bigger scale. basically making videos and posting them to youtube. here is a couple links to my fellow students blog posts Julien, Logan, Raymond `

So without further a dew here is my video”Why paintings are important symbols for history”

In conclusion I really enjoyed make this video and learning about how WW1 transformed  Canada. It was fun and very interesting. I learned so much over this past month of work it has been a great experience. 

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