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Hello everyone, welcome back to one of my blogs. It has been a while so let’s start with a quick introduction. This post will be about Canadian politics so anyone reading this who has any questions feel free to leave them as a comment on this post. So over the past week or two, we have been talking and researching about Canadian politics and democracy. It hasn’t been a massive amount of time so don’t be expecting a 1000-word post but this post will answer the question “how is the Canadian government structured and elected?” so today I will be telling you what my answer to this question is and the evidence to support said answer. 

So as any Canadian citizen should know there is currently an election called by current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This means on September 20th everybody eligible to vote should vote. There are currently 6 political parties this year for which you can vote for. The parties available this year are the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, The New Democratic Party or NDP for short, the Green Party and the final two are The Peoples Party Of Canada or PPC for short and the Bloc Québécois. The Bloc is only really a party in Quebec but the other parties campaign all across the country. So for this post, I’m not going to talk a lot about the Bloc because they don’t have much to represent. Wait let’s learn a bit about how Canada’s democracy works. 

Canada’s democracy is known as a Parliamentary Democracy meaning we have a building where the government makes decisions called the house of parliament. People who work in this building are called MPs or Members Of Parliament. The leader of the government is called the Prime Minister. He or she and their political party make the decisions for the entire country. This is a very simple version of how our government is structured. For more information check out this link here. 


How the government is structured evidence 1 

The levels of governemnt 

So now we know a little about how Canada’s government is structured and how it works let get to answering the question from the intro “how is the Canadian government structured and elected?” So from my research, the Canadian government is structured around giving everyone a way to express who they want leading the country. No one person is left out of this choice. As we can see from Canada’s election results nothing much changed this election from the last one. The Liberal party won with 156 seats in the house of parliament. The party with the most seats becomes the government. So my thoughts and answer to this question is, the Canadian government is structured and elected by the citizens who live in Canada. It is structured in a way to be fair, organized and simple. We elect politicians to represent our view in the house of commons. So that nobody is left out of the decision-making for our country. We elect people by who gets voted for the most in a riding, the MP with the most votes wins that riding. The party with the most ridings wins the election. This seems to be designed to be fair and precise because that gives more power to the voter they can choose who they want to win. This is how the government is structured from my research. My thoughts are based on what I learned, my notes about how the Canadian government works and what I’ve observed being a Canadian and watching the elections.  

Here is a diagram I made about how our politics and government are structured 

That is how I would answer the question of how our government is structured and elected. If you agree with me post in the comments, if not feel free to share your view as well. Anyways that will be all from me today readers, everyone have a lovely day, bye!

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