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Hello Everyone, I am back. Today’s post will be about our new parties’ press release🥳. By our new party, I meant specifically Me, Julien, Erin and Nya. We have formed an amazing political party called the Bright Party Of Canada. This is super exciting because we get to experience what it is like to be a political party running in Canada. 

Source: Wikipedia, Parliament Hill

My last post went over the most recent political election and how the government is structured in Canada so here is a link to check that post out. This post will be a lot more about how it should be structured, what our party will change, why our party is different and unique from all the others, why you should elect our party and how this all relates to my last post and the country its self. 

So now that the intros are out of the way and you know a little about what we are going to be discussing let’s jump into it. So before we start jumping into the arguments and thoughts let me explain to you guys exactly what our party stands for. 

So as I said before we are the Bright Party Of Canada. Our party is unique in many ways. We want to redirect Canada into a brighter, more sustainable and equal future for all future generations. This means not leaving garbage on the ground and cleaning up our world. It is also important to us that everybody has a fair equal chance to get a job or compete in an event. This will be difficult but it is worth it so that our children and their future kids do not have to fix the mess that we made or be discriminated against because of their appearance or identity. We are unique because of how we see things we don’t want to live in a world where everybody sees each other as a competitor or enemy, we want everybody to work together and help each other. So we are striving for everyone to be treated equally, a person who is struggling shouldn’t be treated differently from someone who isn’t. We value transparency, honesty and accountability in our government. This means we want to show every citizen what we are doing inside parliament so that everybody can feel safe knowing that we are not lying or covering up our decisions. Like the sexual misconduct allegations in the military. This is downright unacceptable. We will keep an eye on what is happening inside of our military. As well as handle these problems right as they happen.

Source: The West Block, Global News

As I have mentioned before we will make sure there is transparency in the government and RCMP. We want to get rid of police misconduct. We plan on doing this by making sure any officer caught will be punished. As well as providing better body cams and or other measures to stop cops from committing such horrible acts.

Our Goals are to focus on equal rights and pay for everybody in Canada. We also want to fund more healthcare, we don’t want people losing their lives due to crowded hospitals and low staff or supplies. We want to put more money into the environment. This means more funding for mass cleaning up of beaches and forests and less money toward massive billion-dollar pipelines. Our environment and wildlife are suffering. One example of this is the protest between some indiginous peoples and The Canadian Government. I will provide a link here so more people can read about the protest of the pipeline and chopping of trees in British Columbia. We also need to make sure that the Indigenous peoples have equal rights and easier access to resources. The fact that there are indigenous reservations across Canada without clean water is ridiculous! This needs to be fixed immediately, imagine not being able to drink clean water! It is a basic human need. Here is another link to check out the CBCs article on this issue.

Last but not least is our priorities. This is above in our press release, you can read all of them up there. I won’t be putting too much detail into these as I’ve mentioned many of them already. I will only mention a few of which I haven’t mentioned already.

Affordable Housing 

This is very important especially to me, I am still only a teenager. So having affordable housing in the future is very important. I don’t want to have to work from 9 – 5 every day and still not be able to afford a small apartment or basement suite in Vancouver. This is a massive problem that needs some attention. This isn’t just in Vancouver either. Toronto’s housing prices have also been rising

Here is some information about this problem.

Source: Wikipedia, Vancouver

Lowering post-secondary fees and debt 

If you are around my age you will probably be looking at universities and colleges. Right now across the globe not just in Canada, some people are suffering from massive student debt. We need to lower the fees and student debt so that people can afford post-secondary education but also live their lives afterward and not have to work for years just to pay back the money for their post-secondary education. 

Okay so now on to the deep dive into why you should vote for us and why we are unique and different from all the other parties. So you should vote for us because we have your interest at heart. We are not going to lie and pour millions of dollars into unnecessary business dealings. We want what is best for all Canadians no matter what economic class you are in. We are going to fund a lot of new and important programs to help with affordable housing and low emissions in Canada. We want you to be able to trust us as your government. Feel free to know that we are listening to what every citizen wants. As I said before we want to give Canada a brighter future not just for us but for our future generations of Canadians. We are different from every other party because we want more truth more justice and more community engagement. We want to unite Canadians like never before in these times cleaning up the mess of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have many plans to move Canada farther forward than any other party. We maybe be a new party but unlike the Conservatives and Liberals, we don’t have business at the core of our ideals. We have the environment and our children. These two are far more important than business or the economy. We will still help the economy but our planet and children are what matter.

We don’t just differ in beliefs but we also differ in efficiency. We will not only make this country a better place for everybody but we will do this within the next few years we won’t sit around as other political leaders do. We will get things done faster and efficiently. We don’t want to let this beautiful country and its community be torn apart by anti-vaccine protest, racism or homophobia. We will stand up for everybody equally.

Finally how this connects to my last post. My last post as I mentioned earlier was about the Canadian government’s structure, these two posts are related, the focus of this post is to explain what our political party will change in the way our government handles things and how we will shift the structure of our government allowing for more input from Canadian citizens. The last post was about what needed to change, in this post we talked about what will change. In the last post, I talked a lot about the most recent election. Well, now this post is my chance to portray what I would want for a government and the Bright Party is exactly the type of political party I would vote for. These two posts relate because of the story they tell together. My previous post was about to explain and answering the question “How is the Canadian government structured and elected”. This post doesn’t have a question to answer but it is about explaining what our party is standing for and what we plan to change in the political structure and government agenda. Both of these posts are related in the same way. When connected they share an understanding of what our current government is and what it could be. 

In conclusion, the Bright Party differs in many ways from the other parties of Canada. I hope this post has explained in great detail what our party wants to change and fix in our government and its structure, but not just that, what we stand for and hope to achieve if we are elected. The strongest thing a country can have isn’t an army or a treaty. It is a feeling of unity within every citizen. That they are truly a part of this great nation and not a bystander. I hope everybody reading this and my last post now have not only a greater understanding of how our government operates but how it should to ensure a brighter and warmer future for everybody. I hope everybody reading this has a wonderful week. As for me, I have to sign off for now. Ladies and gents, this has been Josh. Have a lovely day and goodbye for now.

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