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Hello, I’m back! today we will be talking about the project we most recently finished up. It’s called “Think You Can Do Better”. Let’s dive straight into this project. 

I worked with  a group. That group was Julien, Erin and Nya

Also if you are unfamiliar with the Canadian political system please catch up here

I didn’t pay much attention to my government before this project. I probably should have been. Anyhow, I learned so much from this project. More than I thought, I learnt that politics is a lot more complicated than you might think. “Oh” it’s just a bunch of old men and women arguing about plans. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a very intricate system to make sure that everybody’s views are spoken for.  Now onto the Question

Source: Mindset Works

The driving question is “how should we govern ourselves?”. I believe we should govern ourselves using a change of mindset. anyone who has read my blog for a while would know what a growth mindset is. If you are unfamiliar here is a link to a post I wrote a long time ago about it. Anyway, yes a growth mindset is key to change and growth. With a fixed mindset, it makes it a lot harder to think and provide ideas that involve change and growth because you only believe in a certain way of life. When you shift your mindset to a growth mindset you can begin to see a different vision of the world around you. Take this from someone who has made that switch it makes life so much different. Much more enjoyable, freeing and worth it. I believe we should apply a similar method to our government. I Imagine a party that has a view everybody can agree on. One thing we can all relate to. This is where visions, mindsets and views kind of merge. If you change your mindset it can create new views and visions and that is something I find key to running a country efficiently and powerfully.  This might be a little confusing at first glance but I can assure you it’s quite simple. So for ease just think mindset, vision and view are all the same word, I will use mindset to describe these three. The reason I believe so strongly in this is. Seeing everything a government does and all the different angles and views of politics have allowed me to see a path to a brighter future but to get there we need a new type of mindset a similar mindset if you will. I propose a mindset with similar views that everyone can share one in which people don’t have to argue of every opinion they have. Of course, for this to work we need a party willing to run with our values in mind. I had in mind a party that has a little bit of everything. In a brief review what I believe is that mindsets are the key to changing democracy for the better. That is my answer to and opinion on “how we should govern ourselves”. one more thing is media. Media influences politics greatly so that always comes into consideration when talking about politics. I think that along as the media doesn’t play off people and our community is strong we can continue to share a similar view from coast to coast. Here is a link where you can read about how much the media is influencing you. 

Here is a link to some information on what a growth mindset can do

Now let’s talk about evidence

So I have done an assortment of things during this project. Some of which I learned from and some I didn’t. I am going to show you these assignments and explain how they helped and what I learned from them. So bear in mind there are a lot more things we did but if I didn’t include them then I didn’t learn much from them.

use this to navigate my learning and to get brief summaries of each one if your in a rush
Is my political video that my group made to take a crack at being a politician.
Is a look at my last blog post and what it taught me.
The first blog post I wrote this year and what it taught me.


Number 1. 

Political Party Video 

So as a final milestone for this project we had to make a political advertisement. I learned a lot from this milestone. It immersed us in what it feels like to be a politician and to run for Prime Minister. This project was fun having a deep look into how our government is run and what could change and apply our ideas to. As I said before we did make a political video so may I introduce the Bright Party Of Canada. 

The Bright Party:

So this video took is a bit short and a little bit too broad. I feel with more time our team could have done an away better job. Overall I don’t feel it’s horrible some of the audio doesn’t match and the topics are a bit too wide open but everything else I believe is solid and very powerful. What I took away from this video was some new video-making skills as well as some new opinions and thoughts about what our government is. One thing I strongly agree with is if you have a solid political advertisement. It can carry a party far, It requires a good amount of emotion within that video to do so. Speaking of emotion in film. Here is a blog post from Lisa Marinelli about examples of emotion in branding and how it can persuade you. 

Number 2. 

Press Release Post 

So if you have read my blog in the last couple of weeks you probably would have already read this post. I wrote a post about 2 weeks ago about our political parties press release and I learned a lot from that post. I would go as far as to say the most I learned from this project was in that post. I learn all sorts of things like how to format writing in powerful ways, different sourcing methods and a lot about politics and government structure. Both the posts my class had to write taught me a lot. Things I never thought would be interesting, I liked writing these posts it has made me a better blogger and learner. 


If you haven’t read my press release post here is a link to it

Number 3. 

Election Reflection post   

Last but not least the very first post I wrote this year. The Election Reflection post. I found this post a little difficult to write due to the results not being posted till the night before it was due. It is not quite as strong as the press release but still somewhat sturdy. If you haven’t read this post you must have been living under a rock. In this post, I spoke a lot about the most recent Canadian election and how the Canadian government is structured and how we elect our leader. Here check it out. I learned a little about writing from this post but not as much as the press release. What I learned most was about how the government is structured. It is different in  American, Uk and Europe. Every country is a little bit different and a little bit unique in their own way. Canada is no exception we use a very different system than America. This is something I found cool and unique. I also learned a lot from watching political advertisements which tie in a little bit here. I also have some notes here take a look. 

We also have been using something new in this project called Zettelkasten. Zettlekasten is a system of note-taking made famous by a german sociologist Niklas Luhmann. He would take notes on cue cards and label/tag them and link different notes to each other. I liked this note system. I found it super useful and helpful for storing ideas that can then be used later. This was a super useful way to think and link your thoughts in ways you wouldn’t believe. if you want to learn more about this fabulous system here is a video by Mike and Matty. This may sound boring at first. Nobody loves to do work I think we can agree on that but it fits with that growth mindset of trying new things. So far I have found zettlekasten useful for the organization of my thought and ideas as well as prioritizing strong thoughts over useless ones. Humans think a lot every day are brains fill up quickly zettlekasten is a way of dumping information into a memory bank so you have room for more information. 


Source: Basecamp, Mr. Hughs, My Second Brain

I think I’ve rambled on for long enough. So in a quick review and reflection, we talked about how mindsets can change a person’s view and ways of responding to life. As well as how the Canadian government can be governed better and more powerfully. In conclusion, I think the Canadian government has a bit of a way to go before we can move into a brighter future but it gets nearer and nearer every day. I hope we can use mindsets in the future to allow room for growth and kindness. As well as a sense of community not just in cities and neighbourhoods but all across the country. These ideas sound very ambitious but I believe it is very possible. Anyway, that’s all for me, have a great weekend and I hope to see you in the future, goodbye for now. 

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