Romeo And Juliet, The Tragic Tale Of Love

Hello, this post will be a little different then usual. It is going to be a short one. So todays project was called Romeo Romeo why are we still talking about this. As you may have guessed it is about Shakespeares Romeo And Juliet. This project was super quick. It was about five classes. It was over in a flash. 

Disclaimer: This post contains talk about suicide. If you are triggered by talk about suicide then please click off this post. 

Before we start My group member deserve a shoutout. I worked with Ryder, Nya, Jonny and  Randy 

So let me try to explain the whirlwind that was this project. So first of all we had a new teacher. Mr. Harris, he has been amazing and I really hope to have him more in the future. At the end unfortunately he was unable to finish the project with us. We did how ever have another good teacher fill in. Ms. Maxwell she was great towards the end helping us tie up the loose end of this project. I really appreciate what both these teachers have done for me through out this project. Lets move into the actual reflection part of this post.

So obviously this project was about Romeo And Juliet the play. We read the script of the play in groups and then made a final video. The whole goal of this project was to understand the relevance of Shakespeare in the modern world. I found this interesting I never really thought about Shakespeare but after this project was over I noticed all the overlapping similarities in his stories to the real world. In this post I hope to go over some of these similarities with you as well as relate that to what I learned from this project. We will review some of the competencies from this project. I will also give you a hint to the next project we are currently working on. Shush don’t tell anyone🤫.  

So let me talk first a little about the similarities. So what’s I noticed a lot about the Shakespeare story of Romeo And Juliet was the conflict. We still have lots of conflicts between powers in the modern world. I also notice the similarities of resolution, people coming together to cope at the end is a great example. The way the story start the conflict then resolves it is very well done. An amazing example of story telling.  

So how does this relate to anything. Well it actually relates to a lot of current problems in our modern world. Like the suicide of a teenager. This relates to the rising teen suicide numbers. There are people out there who have lost a friend or fellow classmate to suicide. There is also love a big part of human life. Now the love in this story is very 15 – 16 hundreds. How ever it is still related to the love all humans experience. Attraction to beauty. There is also some hidden messages underneath all of the funny language and story. I will mention 2 so that way you can look for others. The first one is don’t rush love. They met, got married and died over the span of a week. Insanely quick, they never even had a thought about there future other then them being together. The other is don’t trust just anyone. They trusted friar Lawrence and look what happened. The plan failed and they both committed suicide.

Last but not least is the competencies

We had  Connect Critically and Construct 

Lets start with construct

I definitely demonstrated this competency me and my group constructed the story board and video with great detail in mind. We put blood sweat and tears into constructing are final video. We used a camera not and ipad to film. We encountered challenges yet we beat them. One challenge that comes to mind was the struggle we had getting the camera footage to our iPads. 

Connecting Critically

I demonstrated connecting when I connected my learning form the play to the final product. I pulled info from my notes and other keystones to build a basis of knowledge. I connected the lines between story and real life to find those messages previously. I also connected my video skills with good story telling to craft the video my group made. 


In conclusion I believe I did well on this project and used my skills the best I could. I put a solid effort in make our video and really feel I did well. I hope to do another video based project soon. 


If you have made it to the end you get the hint to the next project. Lets just say it is going to be a vocal one.

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