The Story of Ferdinand Porsche

Hello everyone welcome, This post will be about world war 2 so if you have any problems with this event please click off this post. So overly the past month me and my peers have been studying WW2 and creating a podcast episode to show what we learned. We read a book and listened to some examples of podcast so that we could make the best podcast possible with the resources we have. 

Star Of David, 

The book we read is called Maus. It was written by an art Spiegelman and focuses on a polish/ Jewish person living during the reign of the nazis. He has to serve Poland when they tried to defend against the invasion of the German forces. He was captured and put to work by the Germans. He lived to tell the tale to his son Art who wrote the graphic novel. It captured the hardship of the Jewish peoples during world war 2. As well as the massive casualties of places like Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps., 1939 Porsche

Anyway, let’s move on to the main topic. The Driving Question and the story of my podcast. The driving question. Wa show might we use stories to better understand the causes and consequences of WWII. My answer to this is that stories are the best way to find answers every story has a unique perspective. Like my story, Ferdinand Porsche not a lot of people know that history but the consequence was a massive one. We would have the same Porsche car we have today without that. The part of the project I learnt the most from was the WWII videos we watched in class and when we shared our topics with each other. My peers really taught me a lot about the other events other then mine. With stories we understand different perspectives of a historical event. For example Pearl Harbour everybody says that the Japanese made a stupid decision. I wouldn’t say so, the only reason there plan went sideways was that half the American navy was out on a training exercise and not docked. They only destroyed half of the American navy. So you can see that events have different views some aren’t as accurate as others. 

Panzer VIII,

Lets talk a bit about my classmates and I created. We made podcast, each person picked a topic and are episodes were arranged by chronological order. My episode was #5, it was about the German army using Porsches engines in there tanks. If you are interested click here to check out the podcasts.

Lets move on to the Core Competencies of this project. I think I did really well this project I learnt a lot about WWII and its hidden stories. I Learnt and know the causes and consequences of WWII. I constructed a podcast about my topic to educated people about this event that had big consequences. I understood the text and stories we read in class to help shape my view of WWII and it events. I found an interesting event and understood the details of this event as-well as learning the podcasting skill to make a free way for people to learn about the history of one of if not the biggest world war yet. I feel I completed the Core Competencies. 

It’s important to understand these events because without of them are world would not be the same. Fun Fact: did you know that the Germans were also close to have a nuclear bomb before the Americans did. If they had we would be living in a very different world. Take a moment and close your eyes and think about what could have happened if the allies lost WWII, think about what the world might have been. Who would be in charge, we wouldn’t have the  freedoms we have today we would be living under a fascist government. 


In conclusion I learned a lot. I learn lots about WWII and how it shaped the world we live in today. I learned about the hegemony of the super power, to learn more about that check out my class mates Jakub’s post about it. I learned about the very weapons the soldiers carried during that war almost 75 – 80  years ago. I grew as a learner understanding the sacrifice these men made to protect the freedoms and ideologies that we have to this day. I want to thank my teacher Ms. Maxwell for teaching me and helping me grow as a person. That will be all for now thank you for reading and goodbye. 

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