Destination Imagination, What has changed

Hello everyone, I am back with a new post. Today is the reflection of the biggest event in PLP Destination Imagination. So for those who have never heard of Destination Imagination or DI for short. It is a big event that the PLP 8s 9s and 10s do every year to challenge are creative and problem solving skills. This year I was in the same challenge as grade 8. I was Fine Arts, I know fitting. I love all arts, drawing, painting, photography and sometimes acting. I was in a group with four other people. Jonny who is new to PLP, Amy you have heard her name before, Indira and finally Sophia. Any ways lets move onto the challenge brace yourselves. 

The challenge we had was to create a story with a trickster and a costume transformation. Lets talk about the trickster first we looked at a lot of trickster from mythology’s to TV shows. We settled on 3 Hermès Greek god of mischief, Felix the cat from an old 1920’s TV show and finally Saci of Brazilian folklore. All three of these all have one thing in common they like to trick and mislead people. We used the name from felix the cat and combine the others powers to make our trickster felix. A normal looking guy with secret powers of time travel who loves ruining peoples days.

Now let’s discuss the story element felix wakes up every morning and goes straight to ruining peoples days. He causes a man named bill to spill his coffee on himself. He has a women named marie walk into a lamp post. Those kind of thing but one morning his alarm didnt go off. So he could do his usual trickster deeds. So he decide to time travel back so he can do his trickster things. Anywho he messes up and end up in 1922. Now he has to find his way back to present day. 


Lets move on to how it all went. I did not go according to plan. Our back drop failed us and broke while we were moving it to the stage. We rolled with the punches an continued to perform to the best of are ability. after we did something called an instinct challenge we basically get a challenge and have a small amount off time to solve it. I think we bounced back with the instinct challenge. Over all wasn’t a horrible the back drop failing was a unfortunate occurrence. 

Now lets me move on to what I learned and how I grew as a learner. I learn a lot of problem solving and acting skills his year. My biggest goal in PLP this year is to come out of my shell and be more social and I feel I have done that. I was felix in our performance so I had a great chance to grow my acting skills and become a better actor. I also grew my team work skills from last year. I felt I could have done more when it came to building our solution. I didn’t put in as much work a Jonathan and Amy. I unfortunately had a busy schedule during our after school time. I did feel I performed well when we presented and when I came to helping assemble our solution at Saint George’s private school. In conclusion I felt I performed pretty well during our DI experience. 

We had some struggles through the DI process but we powered threw and for what happens I think all things considered we did pretty well as a team. Was there things we could have done better? Yes there was but we now know that after reflecting on what worked and what didn’t. I really like are story and solution to are challenge. I felt like we did ok as a team we could have done better. 

Anyway in conclusion I think we did ok if those are the right words. We had a good idea. We were or should I say I was sloppy in the execution of are idea. If I had helped more we might not have had the problem with the back drop. Acting wise if think I performed well and had a good time doing it. After all this was a chance to grow our team work and performing skills which I felt I did grow. I really did have a good time performing and have taken a lot away from this final experience of DI. I hope you all have a lovely day, this has been Josh Liebert signing off for now, Bye.

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