We Are Shore To The Core

Hello, I am back writing another post today we will be talking about my latest humanities project called “Shore To The Core”. In this project we had to write an essay about something to do with North Vancouver. I chose public art and what topic it was!

So we basically had to write what my teacher called a multi paragraph composition. It’s an essay, thats the faster way of saying it. I picked three art pieces to reference in my post. Two are located here in the beautiful city of Vancouver and one is located in Toronto. As I said in my essay art has the ability to take something from being ordinary to extraordinary. Art also contains history, in other worlds each art piece has a story of origin. As I said here In paragraph three, I will include a passage of my essay below 

Essay Passage 

Art has a power, an ability to resinate, to be manipulated. When we think about art we tend to see a painting or picture, but art is much broader then that art could be a written passage, a piece of cloth or even a piece of furniture. There are no solid lines for what art is. We consume lots of things in are daily lives we walk past loads of things daily. We usually discard what we see thinking its not important. All over Canada there are pieces of art that get discarded or ignored by tourist and people who don’t care enough to stop and read. Art has feelings it expresses tone. In places like Toronto or Montreal, there is so much amazing work that gets ignored constantly.

Josh Liebert 

As it says Art constantly gets ignored I find this really hard to hear. Think about all the time the artist took to craft that idea as well as create it. People just walk right past as if it doesn’t exist. I understand if your in a rush, but those just on a casual stroll ignore it like its some blank building. 

I also forgot to mention that I will use passages from my essay to help you follow. I really wanted to highlight how much art there is around North Vancouver. It’s everywhere I notice countless things when driving to a sports game or just going for a walk. It’s like this all around the world. Not just North Vancouver, As it says in the passage above Toronto and Montreal have tons of art as well like the piece “Between The Eyes”

Between The Eyes 

A piece made by Richard Deacon. It is a bunch of steal beams bent into the shape of to eggs connected as implied by the name they seem to symbolize eyes. It is grey and is very reminiscent of the buildings around it. Unlike the other pieces we will cover it doesn’t really stick out. It blends in to the surrounding Toronto cityscape.

Lets move on to the other example I wanted to talk about the White Winds. This magnificent statue it placed at the bottom of the Lonsdale Quay. It is a white sail that paths wind onto the Burrard Inlet. The sail represents all of the sails that have sailed along the Burrard Inlet. This one sticks out a lot more its a lot harder to miss. It is tall and completely white and teal blue. 

Lets move onto answering the core competencies. 

Communicating compellingly, I think I did communicate compellingly my essay was very happy and expressive. I wrote it in a way to make sure it sounded that I was happy to talk about my topic. I wanted people to know I enjoyed learning this topics many cool facts. I think I have demonstrated this competency 

Establishing historical Significance, I also believe I demonstrated this competency. I showed how all these pieces of art held something. How they each had a legacy. Something they memorialized or idolized. Something that they stood for. 


I had a great time learning about the history of North Vancouver and where we came from. We have so much great history here from the people who built cabins of Mt Seymour to the amazing artist make art to memorialize history there is so much that happened on the ground of the North Shore. There is so much great history here and i am so glad to have gotten the chance to learn about it. 

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