The Moment It All changed, The Manhattan Project

Hello, I am back with yet another learning post this time we are talking about the Manhattan projects. I would like to mention the seriousness of this topic as it pertains to mass murder and triggering subjects. Anyhow let us move forward 

First let me address the topic of the Manhattan Project and what it mean. This was a covert operation that took place in the western super power, the USA. It was led by a man named J. Robert Oppenheimer and was run and funded by the military and US Government. The goal to produce the first Atomic Bomb before Germany. They ended up exceeding in this goal, with this quote from J. Robert Oppenheimer after the Trinity Test first and only test of the atomic weapon. The quote goes like this a piece of Hindu scripture ran through his mind“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”. The Mere destruction this weapon was capable of shook many scientist to the bone. Lets fast forward to august 6th 1945 the day the world changed forever   

It was a crisp morning with a clear sky in Hiroshima, Japan. There were many people out doing there day to day goals. When all of a sudden a light flashed so bright it was blinding people could see through there hands. Seeing there own bones, they came the shock wave toppling buildings and throwing people flying. It had happened Bomber “Enola Gay” 45 seconds ago had dropped the first atomic bomb code named Little Boy. Instantly 22 – 75 000 people incinerated instantly. 

3 days later the same tragedy, only this time it was a plutonium bomb which was arguably stronger then the uranium one dropped on Hiroshima. This one was called Fat Man, the worst part of these attacks was they never saw this coming these bombs were hundred times stronger then the normal bombing strike of WW2. 

Lets move away from the event for a little bit and focus on the project that we made. We were tasked with creating a speech to give to are class. Mine wasn’t the best I was a little slow and was not over all happy with my speech. 

President Barack Obama speaks at Cairo University in Cairo, Thursday, June 4, 2009.

When it comes to a speech. Two things are important your script and not being horrifically nervous. I was neither of those things, I mean my legs had a mind of their own. However I don’t think my speech went horrible as I thought at first. I reflected and noticed all the spot I had grown since last time I did a public presentation. My voice was clearer I wasn’t as scared I was more confident then before. Yes it wasn’t perfect but there were a lot of spots that were improved on which is defiantly a positive thing. 

As we have covered many times before growth is the goal. At the end of the day all that matters is seeing how much farther you have come during the course of the project. 

In conclusion I feel I have grown immensely over the course of this project and can say I have learned more about ethical choices and decisions.

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