Hope Is Power

So this post is not a final project blog post this is a post focused on a video we watched is a class. This video is on the Oklahoma City bombing so if you have any emotional trauma from this event I suggest clicking off this post. 

Defining The Terms:

We have studied 4 terms of the last weeks Resilence, Survival, Adversity and Hope all play into creating hope. In the translations we have done we these words over the last weeks we defined these 4 terms 

Resilience: to withstand or face a heavy amount of adversity

Ex. His resilience really showed with how he handled that argument

Survivial: to push and over come a situation or event       

Ex. Being in a dark place for so long daving had survived the pain and his spirit had survived

Adversity: something people generally face in a tought situation

Ex. In freds battle with his mental health he had faced alot of adversity from others and himself

Hope: a feelin g of overwheling courage and empowerment to not give up

Ex. Brians hope of his foot ball team winning the tournament was getting higher

Example Stories:

Bethany Hamilton and Jason Zimmerman both of these names may sound like normal names but they both hightlight the story of hope. Bethany Hamilton after getter her left arm biten off by a shark rose bck up and continued to surf just like before. Jason Zimmerman proved the term mind of matter after using his hope to beat cancer more then once.


So we watched a video in class about the Survivor Tree, an elm tree that sat in an abandoned parking lot ready to be cut down. Across the street the Oklahoma bombing happened charging and burning the bark of that tree, however the tree grew back more beautiful then ever possible imagined. It now sits as a symbol of hope during the bombing. 

Go Deeper: 

A story of hope is a all three of the words we have been learning hope requires resilience, adversity and sometimes survival. Every good story that has hope embedded within at least 2 of those words. A story of hope is that feeling we humans get that it embodies the human spirit. As mentioned with the sick girl in “The Last Leaf” this girl had completely lost hope but when she opened the blind and saw the leaf was still there she gain her hope back. I experienced hope in a less dark way an I’m sure you readers have as-well hoping on Christmas for a toy, hoping you get what you want for your birthday. That’s the childish form of hope but when we grow up that feeling still remains. It takes many different forms but the hope I’m taking about is the one that alters the human body the hope that actually doe effect the out come.You may be thinking I’m nuts 🥜 but its true hope can alter the outcome of an illness or injury. This is the hope I’m talking about

 I have some more person stories from mangas and books I’ve read like Berserk. Berserk is a manga series written by Kentaro Miura it is a about a swordsmen named gut who pulls his way through a hell filled world of death and pain with a massive sword on his back. Gut experiences so much pain and trauma at the hands of a man he trusted that a normal human would be able to handle But Guts has two things to keep him going hope for a better future and hope for revenge. Great manga if you can handle very dark themes I would suggest reading it. the other example is between a rock and a hard place Aron Ralston found himself pinned under a massive boulder by one arm he tries every way to free himself but eventually amputates his arm to free himself, he came to that conclusion and did that because he was driving for the hope of survival.

Getting To The Meat:

This is why I read Mangas (Japanese Comic Books) becuase all the stories have these terms. With Berserk being a more adult level one but there is Naruto and Onepiece which both use the same terms to build incredible characters. There are many different ways to use these terms, with some more serious then others but understanding from fictional or even real stroies how these terms translate into are every day life is really imortant.

Even American Comics use these terms spiderman or batman to very popular superheros have the idea of hope and survival and resilience.  Again in different ways but the idea still stands.



Diving In:

Now your getting it back to my point earlier these terms are connected in many different ways you can survive unless you have adversity and hope comes from the thougt of resilience.  So us a humans use these ideas in many trumatic events to drum up the feeling of Hope.

Why It Matters: 

It matters because almost every single story of hope has a happy ending an we all think it’s just because its a story but hope really can lead to more positive outcome physically. When humans struggle which we do a lot in this day and age hope is something we can’t let be extinguished. 


This is my answer to the question “What Is A Story Of Hope?” I really cant wait for the next steps of this video we will be creating. Thanks you for reading and have a lovely day 🎉

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