Screen Time Tracker 2020 Summative Post

When I started the project I wasn’t really thinking that much, instead of looking at the criteria and trying to do as much as I could my brain was just thinking to do what was assigned and that’s it. Now that I look back at it I wish I could do better but I know the mistakes I made, I still got a good grade, so I think I still did pretty good on my project. If I were to go back and change some stuff, I would have probably looked at other classmates projects to get an understanding, then I would add more pie charts and maybe add some other graphs to show different comparisons, I think it would also be a good idea to add a background not just one colour or something, probably an actual image.

During the project I thought to myself: I’m going to do exceedingly well and I’m going to do great, and then after the project (now) I think i wanted to to good and exceeding but i never actually put in the effort or time to do exceedingly well. I don’t know why I thought I could do exceedingly well without actually doing something to make that happen. I tend to be a VERY forgetful person. A lot of the times when i get to school I will notice that i forgot my mask or i forgot to do homework or something, I’m telling you this because i forgot to do a lot of stuff I Intended to do to make it go along smooth but I forgot all of those things. I wanted to make a pie chart of all the games i play on my PC to be a bit different from other projects and give my own little smart twist on the whole thing, of course i forgot to do this and I ended up with only 2 pie charts. Darn.

Overall i think this was a fun learning experience and a great first project, I liked working on it, I liked brainstorming things to make it look perfect, I liked how easy it was to sum up the numbers and etc. This project was also a great learning experience. Not only with fractions but it also made me aware of how much video games I play, and I play way to much.


Curricular Competencies

Applying and Innovating: I think I used class time efficiently, sometimes I went to Erik’s desk but that was really only during break. I feel I was pretty focused on this project, in the end I could have added more and I regret not adding more but I think I was still focused. So overall I think I did okay on this one, I used my class time okay, I was pretty focused, and I managed to get a sunshine on the project.

Understanding and Solving: I Understood everything and did the work assigned but I don’t think I really “explored Mathmatical Concepts”. What i mean by that is that I didn’t really use different mathematical techniques to use in my project. But overall i did understand the basic concepts.

Communicating and Representing: If it means symbolic as showing math in different shapes and drawing and such then I think I did this one. But i think this is one of the things I didn’t do the most. Yes I Put down some pie charts and a giant box showing a lot of mathematical equations, but I didn’t really put down a lot of them. I put down only 2 pie charts Which I realize now was definitely not enough. Yes it was enough to complete the project but only adding 2 pie charts is just lazy I would think, but for next time I will know not to be lazy and put some real effort into my work. Not that there isn’t any effort in my work right now but I would like to add more effort. You can view my project just down below this text.





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