Raven Pub Project Summative Post

Driving Question: How does what we see, hear and read influence us.

I read the book The Gospel According To Larry and I really liked it.  There are some concepts that I have never thought of before. One of them is the concept of global advertising  and how consumers try to brainwash us, advertisers are able to post their ads where ever they want, this is detrimental to society.

One of the shows I used to watch on You Tube was Funnel Vision.  Looking back on the hours I spent watching You Tube videos, makes me a little sick.  Funnel Vision is just a money maker.  Getting parents to purchase endless nonsensical toys for their children. Funnel Vision would take these lavish vacations. It starts a want inside of a child to always want more.  This is not a great understanding of how the world works and what you should do with the money you have.  It creates unattainable desires.

The child doesn’t even know that taking lavish vacations is unrealistic. Sure lots of people can afford that, but truthfully two thirds of the population live in poverty, so for most people they will never even get on an airplane, let alone vacation in Hawaii at the most expensive hotels.

I remember my mother listening to me as I talked about going to Universal Studios in Hollywood.  She really wanted to take me there, but the only reason wanted to go was because the Funnel Vision family went there.  I guess for me, it is about the time spent with family. That is what I really admired about that family.  But now I know it was a well crafted, scripted money maker You Tube site.

The screwed up thing about ads is that the main technique is tricking you. They try to get in your brain and make you want to do what they want you to do.




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