Laser Laws scimatics summative post

In this blog I will go over the things i did well and the things I should probably work on for the scimatics Laser Laws project. I will talk about the core competencies and say If I did well in them or not, I will also put in some pictures and photons that I took during the project.

Questioning and Predicting: to be completely honest I didn’t use my class time great. Sometimes the work would be a bit stressful and sometimes I just didn’t under stand so I would try to get my mind off of it for a bit. So I don’t think I deserve a great mark for this core competency just because of the way I was dealing with the situation I was in when I didn’t understand or was stressed out about these topics.

Communicating and Representing: I think I did this fine. Fine as in I didn’t do a great job but I did it better than Questioning and Predicting. I do under stand a lot of the Pythagorean Theorem but i still don’t think i have aced it yet, I think there are still some things that I don’t know yet. Example: Different triangles I think I need more practice on, Figuring out a leg by only using one leg and a hypotenuse I could have more practice on, and maybe just more practice about the basic topics in general.

Applying and Innovating: Ok this one I think I did good in. Our group did really well working together to make the laser, I think we all did a really good job splitting up the different jobs and the triangle turned out to be great. Everything went to how we thought it would and we all did a great job. I think I did good on this and I also think that all my group members did good on our project.

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