Microsoft and Bethesda (what’s going on?)

Recently I’ve heard the Microsoft bought Bethesda for 7.5 Billion USD. After this purchase fans of both Microsoft and Bethesda went crazy, people were saying that Bethesda will make better games, that there was going to be a Doom & Halo game, etc. I don’t think there is ever going to be a doom & halo game, I mean come on think about it. Honestly I genuinely think that Bethesda will improve their content because of this, and also MICROSOFT OWNS FALLOUT AND SKYRIM, I don’t know why but I have a giant feeling that Microsoft is going to screw up fallout and Skyrim some how.Early Writer 2

a song about how Todd Howard is a terrible person:

Bill Gates (owner of Microsoft):

Todd Howard (owner of Bethesda):

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