It happened again, Destination Imagination. In this blog post, I am going to reflect on what we did for the regionals of DI 2020 and how we will improve.

Improv’ing it

The group I’m in for DI is improv, our challenge is to create a story and preformance prepared in 2 minutes with a sound effects created with various items in our sound box. The story we presented featured a superhero and a supervillain and the superhero would defeat the supervillain in a unique conundrum. We had to research 10 different powers for the villain while the hero’s underwhelming power and the conundrum we learned about on the spot, also the villains power was randomly chosen.

Here are the powers I researched

We spent most of our time practicing, so I wrote up some practice conundrum. blank-85.pdf .

Reflection, but not in a mirror

I want to reflect on the regional tournament, and how I acted. I would say that the strong suits of my preformance was picking up on the cues and thinking on the spot. I felt as though I was a bit too stiff with my preformance.

When I preform again I want to act and move my body more and be more creative with my ideas.

If I were to grade myself I would give myself a ☀️, there are definitely somethings I should have improved on but pretty good overall.

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