Destination Imagination 1.0 patch!

Welp, It’s over. Destination Imagination has come to an end. We finished our final tournament for destination Imagination over a zoom call. Now I am going to review the tournament and the competencies.

Part 1: The prep

To prep for the tournament we practiced on zoom doing improv situations and worked on our acting. We used simple objects in our household to make sound effects.

Part 2: The Tournament

We presented at 11:20 for our main presentation, and we presented in front of our teachers on zoom. We had our instant challenge a hour later and that was it!

Reflection: Competency, Research and Understand

I would say that with this competency, we achieved it, as we researched and tried to understand as much as we could about it. Overall with the tournament I felt that it was a little bit clunky with peoples cues specifically because we could se each other. But I think overall it was really good!

Welp, that’s all I have to say about DI, later folks.

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