A witness to gym history

Hey, guys welcome back to my blog, today I am going to talk about my maker 9 project which I completed at home, Witness to History.

What’s the project about?

For this project, we had to create a video essay that told a story in these times of social distancing and COVID-19. I decided to talk about how the Burnaby CrossFit community was affected.

Answering the driving question.

How can we, as video storytellers, tell stories of our community during this period of physical distancing? We can tell stories during this period of social distancing, by learning people’s stories and creating an overarching story.  We can learn these stories through lots of things, zoom interviews, Instagram posts, and even signs. We combine these stories to use techniques such as structuring multiple stories combine, keeping a pace that keeps the viewer interested, and using the medium to tell a message.

Stepping stones that helped create a vision of my project

I would say that firstly the storyboard helped my video essay really come to life, and plan out what I was going to do. We had done storyboards before with different projects planning out movies and videos, but with how we were using the content this time really helped formulate a plan.

I would secondly say that the interview I did with my close friend, and gym owner Daniel English really showed how gyms were affected.I had done interviews before but with how the situation is currently is, it was a unique perspective.

Anyways thanks for reading this post!


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