Romeo and Juliet? You mean Gnomeo and Juliet?

Hi there. You’re probably wondering how I got these podcast episodes and a radio play. I guess I will tell you this drawn-out story (which I will hand to my teacher as well). But first, all stories have exposition and foreshadowing, so let’s kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

As the great American author “IMDb” would tell you Season 4, Episode 18 of Frasier is about, “Frasier tries to direct an old-time radio drama for KACL, but his over-directing turns the show into a complete disaster – just as Niles predicted.”  Our project seemed to mirror the episode, a fair bit actually. The project was about adapting a piece of text over an audio play, and an over-managing director making it a disaster and a sound team that seems to be a little bit whacky. To summarize this project, we adapted William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet to an audio-play alongside making 2 podcast episodes about adaptations and classics. So let’s talk about the podcast episodes first.

Making a podcast for me, was like going fishing. It was long and boring but in the end, it was something you can show off anywhere ( Your Dad, Instagram, EHarmony, etc).  Anyways, back to the topic. If you are a follower in the underground hip-hop scene, aboveground hip-hop scene or just a pretty cool dude who likes pretty cool music, you would have heard that sadly rapper MF DOOM passed and this information was revealed to the public on December 31st, 2020. As a pretty big DOOM fan, I have been listening to him a lot lately (My favourite projects are Unexpected Guests and The Mouse and the Mask.) So when the topic of creating a podcast about what makes a classic and Shakespeare I thought “Hot Mama Mia! I should make a podcast episode about MF DOOM and classic works”. So I related them as I believe DOOM is a classic as he has amazing production, insanely complex flows throughout his songs and wordplay on the same level as shakespeare.

In my 2nd episode, I still wanted to make it as a Judocast, but for moi personally, it felt more like a task. Like I was writing an entire essay about Wingstop and short people trading hedges as funds is purely the fonts of wingdings and comic sans (with a funky rainbow gradient on the text) and night-time Tylenol and triple shot double-double to balance it out… Anyways for the 2nd episode in this coolio swag project we was talking about Adaptations! We were working at this episode in a tangent of looking at the adaptations, specifically of 1997’s Romeo + Juliet and 1968’s Romeo and Juliet.  I decided to take 360 “U-turn no scope” into talking about 2002’s Adaptation by Spike Jonze and starring Nick Cage (2x). I got my other group members of Gabe and Anders (of their respective podcasts) to at least check the movie and talk about it alongside what makes an adaptation. We discussed what makes adaptation relevant to its time and we talked about the themes of Adaptation (2002).

Okie Dokie, Speed round time! This part of the project was the final leg of the 5-week PLP arms race. So. We created an (Audio Play) adaptation of Romeo and Juliet!  I was a script team writer and I specifically wrote act 4 and voice acted Friar Lawrence in act 4. The overall plotline was audio of Romeo and Juliet was playing on the radio so some fellas, good pals perhaps ( Gabe and Kaden) decide to listen in and make funny lines alongside the very goofy script.


Overall for my tiny lizard brain, this was a pretty rad project and I learned about literature and Podcasts/Movies. Cya!

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