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Starwars Exhibition!

Hey everyone! This past month we had the crazy opportunity to participate in an exhibition! But guess what! It was all about StarWars! We got split up into four of the planets. Death Star, Hoth, Tatooine, and Endor. The task… Continue Reading →

Polynomials and like terms

Hello and welcome back! Today’s blog is all about a recent project that we did in scimatics. It was all about polynomials and like terms. Here’s an example if you are wondering what that is. Our task was to create… Continue Reading →

Mpol 2020

Hello everyone and welcome back! Do you want to know what time it is? It’s Mpol time! You’re probably wondering what a Mpol is right? Well so am I! As a first-year PLP student, I’m not a hundred percent sure… Continue Reading →

Star Wars Opinion post

The Starwars movie the last Jedi came out in 2017. When it first came out it was a huge hit and got multiple excellent reviews. It was so popular that it came to the point that almost everyone was talking… Continue Reading →

Take your kid to work day

Hello everyone! Sadly winter break has come to end. It was filled with family friends and food! Ok, let’s start! A few weeks before winter break we got given the opportunity to participate in take your kid to work day!… Continue Reading →

Chemistry stories

Hello, y’all! Welcome back! I can’t believe that winter break is in a few days! Are you guys looking forward to it? I am! Recently we were given a project on Chemistry. The project was on the arrangement of atoms… Continue Reading →

My YouTube channel!

Hello, y’all! Welcome back! Throughout the year, in PLP, we will be making multiple videos on projects, field studies and much more! I’m still learning how to film and edit. However, it’s coming along quite well! I’ll be putting my… Continue Reading →

Revolutionary Ideas

Hello, welcome back to my blog! In the past few weeks, we got given a task to do an incredible project about the Revolutions! Sounds intriguing right? Keep reading to learn more about my journey while doing this awesome project!… Continue Reading →

PGP Alberta Reflection

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog post! WOW, I can’t believe that it’s been 3 months since my wonderful field study to Alberta! For this post, I’ll be answering a driving quest that we got asked. Here it is!… Continue Reading →

Commenting guidelines

Hello! If you’re here to follow my PLP adventure, keep reading! As you all know in PLP we have to make a blog to track our progress. And this is my blog! I just started blogging this year, so all… Continue Reading →

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