Hello everyone! Sadly winter break has come to end. It was filled with family friends and food! Ok, let’s start! A few weeks before winter break we got given the opportunity to participate in take your kid to work day! I had the choice to choose between working with my mom or dad. I chose my dads work. I felt like I had a bigger learning opportunity to work with him rather than my mom. My mom’s work does seem interesting however she does work at home and I think that wouldn’t give me the whole experience. This was how my day went!

We got to the office early on a Tuesday morning to attend one of my dad’s meeting. The office was very nice! It was modern and one of my favourite parts was all of the free food. The first meeting Didn’t make a lot of sense. He works for cybersecurity and I don’t know much about it so it was quite difficult to follow along. Although I didn’t quite understand the meaning of cybersecurity I still thought that it was a great experience to participate in meetings and work in an office environment!

However, it might seem like it was an easy and fun day there was a twist! The twist was to make a video that includes an interview and shots of your experience. In my opinion, I felt like this was very difficult for multiple reasons. It was a day pack with meetings and me learning about his company. It was rare that I found the time to film and interview people. However, I still got a few great shots!

Feel free to watch my video and get a better understanding of our tasks!

Thank you,
See you soon!