The Starwars movie the last Jedi came out in 2017. When it first came out it was a huge hit and got multiple excellent reviews. It was so popular that it came to the point that almost everyone was talking about it. I never got around to watching it. It didn’t seem very interesting and I wasn’t a huge fan of the past movies. When this project came around, we got given a task to do this movie review post. To be quite frank, I wasn’t looking forward to this post. It meant that I would have to watch a StarWars movie. I didn’t know which one to watch so I decided to go with the last Jedi because I remember it being popular at the time. I took out my popcorn and began watching it. After the movie was over Input all of my thoughts into the pros and cons list about the movie. The pros were that there were a lot of actions. And the cons that I felt like the movie was too long and hard to follow along.

Now let’s get into my opinion about The Last Jedi, shall we? In my opinion, this movie wasn’t a huge hit. There was plenty of action, however like I said it was too long and difficult for me to follow along. That might be a mistake on my part for not watching the other movies first. That doesn’t make me have a reliable opinion. If I could give this movie a rating it would get a two to of five for those exact reasons.

Hope you enjoyed it and see you soon!