Hello everyone and welcome back!

As a member of Canada East, I should say, bonjour a tous et Bienvenue! This past month we were given a project all about the Canadian Confederation in the 1860s. During this decade, multiple conferences were held. Us as a class were separated into six colonies. Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Canada West, and Canada East. These six colonies participated in 2 of the many conferences. The first one was in Charlottetown to share our preliminary proposals. We came up with six proposals, they were, railway and trade, Montreal as capital, French as one of Canada’s first languages, provincial power, HBC and land and, elections that took place in Canada East. Now for the second conference that took place in Canada West, it wasn’t a typical conference. There was a twist. Instead of a normal conference, we had to create a commercial with our six proposals that we talked about earlier in the preliminary proposal conference. As a class, we presented our colony and watched the 6 commercials that each colony made. At the end of the conference, only two colonies signed for Confederation meaning Confederation was declined.

Now that all of you have a brief understanding of this project, let’s get into my failures and successes during this project! Well, to be honest at the start of this project I barely knew anything about Confederation I don’t even recall me knowing what it is. Not going to lie, it was a rough start, I wasn’t focusing in class which ended up in me not fully understanding the concept of Confederation. I really had to get myself together. So I started taking notes about the topic, which really helped. After getting my act together, this project was quite enjoyable and I also learned a lot! For the commercial, I talked about French being the main language. The fun part was that I was allowed to say it in French. That added a twist to a normal commercial.

Here is the keynote for the preliminary proposals!

Here is the commercial!

In every PLP project, we have curricular competencies. The competencies keep track of our learning during the project. Here are the competencies for this project. I chose two of the milestones that I felt the proudest of to talk about the competencies.

#1: Evidence: How do we evaluate evidence to decide if it is adequate to support a historical conclusion?

The first milestone is, students, present their demands to the class at our Ottawa Conference. For this milestone, we know that it is adequate to support a historical conclusion because all our websites and books were reliable and had proper citations. The second milestone is, following the Preliminary Proposals, students will plan and produce a Campaign video outlining their final demands for Confederation. We used the same proposals as milestone meaning we used the same reliable sources.

#2: Create: What literacy skills am I using to write, speak, and represent in the texts I create?

For this competency, I’m going to be using the same milestones. For both milestones I felt like my communication was quite good, I expressed my ideas and participated in the research. However, at times I didn’t participate fully during the group activities. Next project I’m going to focus and participate more.

Overall, I really enjoyed this project and had lots of fun. Make sure to check out my group member’s blog, you can find the links down below.

Thank you!