Hello everyone! I hope that you are all staying well and healthy during these tough times. Let’s be honest here, most of us are probably already sick of our family members, I sure am. However, it’s also nice to be stuck with them. We get to spend more time together, I have the time to reflect, catch up on overdue work and in my opinion, the best part is that I get to sleep more! Now time for me to stop procrastinating and talking about my life in quarantine, let’s get started shall we? Before spring break started, my classmates and I did a project on ethical dimensions. The driving question that we were given was how can we present past actions and decisions through images to help us make decisions about what is fair or unjust? Let’s get right into a few of the milestones that we did!


For this project, we were given six different milestones. I’ll be talking about the three that I think I succeeded the most in.


The first milestone that I’m talking about is milestone 2. This milestone is all about Research with your partner. Every group was given one topic. My partner and I were given Captain Cook and the Kanakas. For our research, we split up the tasks. One of us wrote while the other one was doing the research. We came up with 10 questions about our topic and then did some research to get our answers.

The second milestone was a partner research presentation. My partner and I create 3 images, a caption and a few hashtags to go with our images about captain cook for the instagram post. The first image was drawn on the image. The actual images were Captain Cook. On it, I drew a drawing to describe Captain Cook’s life. The second image was the same, however, instead of Captain Cook, it represented the kanakas life. For the final image, we found a picture of the Hawaiian islands and put on a quote from Captain cook.

For the last milestone, I chose milestone 5. Louis Riel comic strip response. For this milestone, we were given a question. Is Louis Riel a hero or a villain? I talked about how I thought he was neither and why I thought that.

In conclusion, I would say that I did alright during this project. I tried hard and didn’t procrastinate as much however I did struggle with communication with my partner. Going more in-depth with my writing and also participating in group activities.

Make sure to check out my partner’s blog post!


Stay safe,