Hello and welcome back! Today’s post is about something really exciting that we did in class. Over the span of a couple of weeks, we watched two of the Romeo and Juliet movies read some of the play to help us have a bigger understanding of the play for our live stream video reenacting Romeo and Juliet with a twist. The class got split up into 4 different groups. The script team is the team that created the script, The creative team that organized the set up of the stage and chose the actors, The technical team that made all the sounds and finally the production team, the team that created posters and supervised the rest of the teams.

Overall this long live stream video went well. If I’m gonna be honest at first I thought that it would end up being a disaster. We weren’t very organized, the sounds weren’t completed, and I just felt like a complete mess. All of the dress rehearsals Weren’t going as planned and we were missing at least one part each time. After our last Dress rehearsal, almost everyone thought that it wouldn’t go well. However, during the live stream, we pulled it together and created an amazing presentation. All of the sounds were great, The acting was well-rehearsed and compared to the dress rehearsals it went pretty smoothly.

For this project, we had many steps to create our great live stream video. We started with a couple of milestones which were creating co-hosted podcast about Shakespeare. Then we watched the 1960 and 1990s Romeo and Juliet versions to help us have a bigger understanding of the play. Later on, is when we started the planning. Like I said earlier we were split up into four groups and all worked our hardest to create a lifestream stream.

Overall this Live stream video Went pretty well. Of course, I still have the stuff to work on like being more organized with my work and not being scared to share my ideas but other than that I am very proud of myself for working well with my group and ending this project on a great note.

Don’t forget to check out our final presentation down below!

Thank you,