Have you ever wondered, how is the Canadian government structured and elected? Most likely most of you haven’t thought of this. Don’t worry, It hasn’t crossed mine and many of my class peer’s minds. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been learning about the government, elections, settles and creating a student vote for our school.

Currently, you are most likely thinking, what is this unfamiliar word? Skittles? No, Zettles. Zettles is a part of the word zettlekasten. What it’s? Zettlekasten is a note box where you write down some of your important notes and insert them in the box and review them from time to time to see if they are worthy of keeping and important to you. It is a great habit to get into to open up your second brain. Meaning the box or folder if you are doing it digitally that you can go back to remind you of your important ideas. For this class, we made our boxes digitally either using pages, notes or any other note-taking app. while watching numerous videos of the Canadian government we were writing down the key points of the videos creating a folder.

The next step to this project was a government quiz to see the progress of every student and to also know if we studied by reading our Zettles that I previously talked about. there were a variety of different questions by naming is theses topics are municipal, provincial, federal and a few more questions about the Canadian government.

Lastly, we put together a student vote for the whole school. We all signed up to be a part of the school election by either being an announcer, poll counter, runner to get the classes and more. The vote count ended up with the NDP winning to be the new prime minister of Canada.

Overall this project on the government, Zettles and election was pretty fun and helped me learn a lot about politics since that was never a topic that I wanted to learn about. Now, will I use this information in the future? For sure! It let me had a larger understanding of the government and I will definitely carry that information into the future. 

Thank you for reading my first blog of the school year,