As we all know, electricity is almost always used by everyone. Except right now since I’m writing this post during a power outage… so how convenient it is of me to be talking about the significance of electricity during a power outage. This morning while waking upon such a rainy and gloomy day none of the lights, outlets were working around the house and having to eat breakfast around candles made me think of the significance of electricity. And then lightbulb! I realized that I had this blog post to write on significance so why not do it on electricity.

Electricity was first discovered in about 600 BC by rubbing fur on amber by the ancient Greeks that created an attraction called static electricity. After many many years and lots of research from scientists, in 1879 Thomas Edison created the first lightbulb after many experiments. Which slowly turned into the making of appliances and other sorts of machines.

To this day, electricity is one of the main things that every family uses. To charge your devices, to make your morning coffee, and watch the current news on COVID-19. Electricity is evidently everywhere. Without it mostly everyone would struggle to get around their day without electricity.

For a few hours on occasion, it would be quite simple to transition into not having any electricity by using flashlights and candles however if it stays like that we would have to make a large change to adjust. Meaning no electric stovetops, no TVs, no electric vehicles and many other things that most of the world’s population uses every day.

Overall I would say that electricity is one of the most significant things. Like I said, mostly everyone uses it and we almost all have access to some sort of electricity.