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The DARK Ages

The last few months have gone by pretty fast. We’ve completed two projects, our sciematics chemistry coding and we also just completed our middle-ages unit in our humanities class, which is what this post is all about. This project was… Continue Reading →

Coding Chemistry

The project we finally just completed in our Sciematics 8 class was called “Chemistry Coding”. This project was all about atoms, molecules, density and states of matter. These topics can all be classified into 2 big fields. Kinetic molecular theory,… Continue Reading →

Winter Mpol 2020

The last few months have been jam packed with learning. In this post and presentation I will be covering the most important milestones, projects and my overall studies as a learner. To guide us through this post and presentation, I… Continue Reading →

Winter Exhibition 2019

Right before the winter break, to cap off the term with a bang, our entire PLP cohort showcased our extravaganza of learning in one big winter exhibition. The project was guided by our driving question. “How might I design an… Continue Reading →

Mazer Tag

Almost 2 months ago we started a new project in our Sciematics class. Our project was based on light (lasers) and triangles (pythagorean theorem). Of course, we had a driving question to guide us through our project. Our driving question… Continue Reading →

SBC Week 8

As you may know, the student blogging challenge is coming to an end. Overall I feel this experience has empowered my learning and and created many new opportunities for myself. This is the last week of the challenge so lets… Continue Reading →

POWER Of The Pencil

As you may know by now I am in a school program called PLP. In PLP we take advantage of technology. As a Requirement we all have to buy iPads and Apple Pencils. During the month or so in our Maker class we… Continue Reading →

SBC Week 7

It’s the student blogging challenge week 7! Week 7 is all about celebrations and festivities. The celebration that I chose to write about is right around the corner. It’s Christmas! Christmas is one of my favourite holidays because all of… Continue Reading →

SBC Week 6

The Student Blogging Challenge for week 6 is all about emojis. We had to choose 3 out of the 4 possible tasks to write about. The tasks I chose to complete were the emoji math, emoji guessing game and emoji… Continue Reading →

The Media Is The Message

During the past few months in our humanities 8 class, we’ve been working on a unit call The Media Is The Message. Our driving question was “how does what we hear, read and see influence us.” Before I answer that… Continue Reading →

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