As you probably know, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been affecting peoples lives around the world, hence the term pandemic. We performed our DI regionals live before COVID-19 got big. Our Destination Imagination provincials unfortunately got cancelled so we had to come up with a way around that. Our first idea was to do a class wide tournament, but then we became quarantined so we had to think of a clever way to present. Naturally, we used Zoom. Zoom is like FaceTime but a lot more powerful and with a lot more features. We mainly chose zoom because it could host more than 16 people and our class is 27. For this project, we had to present an Online DI performance, meet up with our group to make needed changes in our performance and enhance, and mostly just clean up our whole act.

Our DI group persevered through the hard times and put together a presentation viable through an online platform. The main point that our group focused on was change, as that’s what these times are all about. I will give some examples of our change. The first big change was out habitat morph. In our challenge we had to innovate a technical way for the habitat morph in our regional performance we used a mechanical arm, but that wouldn’t work as well through a zoom meeting. So we organized dates to meet up and work together to solve our problems. We solved the habitat morph by uses zooms tools to our advantage. As zoom allows you to use a virtual background in your camera, we used that as our habitat. We morphed it by simply changing the background. Overall I think this change was great and well needed, personally, I thought it was better than the mechanical arm as it was a much more streamlined process. Our group came together and each of us had a great idea, which represents the second item of change. Liam though it would a good idea for Nathan to wear a costume, which worked out extremely well. Nathan as well incorporated an accent into his script to differentiate his two characters. Raymond added the idea for sound effects for the performance, but the highlight was the bear effect which really took our performance to the next level. Ryder wrote lyrics for our song at the end which definitely enhanced it rather that just strumming. I even had some ideas in the costume change process and overall improved the story itself.

Our presentation itself went quite well, everything went according to plan and our teachers noticed our changes and gave feedback that we will use for next year. The only few things that I think our group could improve on would definitely be planning. There were so many instances where our group would miss its meeting time or we would not get any work done in the time we had. Next time I would say we should have designated times well in advance and a schedule for when we do meet up so that we know exactly what we have to do and when to do it. I also think we could improve our work ethic. I think if we worked harder, our end product could be a lot better and we could’ve scored higher, an example would be our story. If we worked longer on our story and created a more in depth script, I definitely think we could’ve scored way more points.

Overall I think the online Destination Imagination experience was good for us all. It taught us how to persevere and how in the hardest of times, to keep pushing and achieve, no matter what hurdles you have to clear. Still I hope next year DI isn’t cancelled so we can get the full experience

(There weren’t milestones or competencies so I didn’t talk about them)