The ultimate road trip. It’s not as simple as it seems.  A lot of planning and budgeting goes into it, something we found out in our latest Sciematics project based around this concept. So, with careful planning, budgeting, thinking and graphing. But before we get to there, lets rewind a take a looks at the steps we took, the math and the learning. Of course, we’d be assessed by the curricular competencies along the way and we’d have our driving question to guide us throughout the project which would be: “How can we model changes over time”? Also we’d have a project end mindnode. In a nutshell, our project was planning the ultimate road trip while budgeting under $10,000. We’d have to choose vehicles, hotels, the places we wanted to visit, our activities and we’d even have to factor in the gas and food.


In this blog post I will be talking about the most important milestones or a brief description of the less important ones, the curricular competencies, the math and my final product. Now onto milestone 2, which was by far the most important milestone. After milestone 1 of choosing our car (I chose the BMW i8), we moved onto milestone 2 which was the math practice. We learned in depth algebra, order of operations and how to graph. Then in milestone 3, we’d test our knowledge in a socrative quiz. Milestone 4 was another really important one. We had to plan out where we were going, the activities we did, the things we bought, the hotels we stayed at, the gas we used and the food we ate. Then we put all of this into a spreadsheet snd had to keep all the costs under $10,000. Milestone 5 was the final milestone. We had to graph our budget based on the days we spent money and how much money was spent each day. We also made a fancy map showing were we travelled as seen above.

Now onto the important part, the curricular competencies. The first competency was Reasoning and Analysing. This means I had to estimate all my expenses as accurately as possible. I definitely showed extending in this as I created an easy to follow spreadsheet that laid out all the costs accurately.

The next competency is Connecting and Reflecting. This means I had to keep a budget and get my end road trip cost as close to $10,000 as possible. I also think I showed an extending mark in this as my end budget was exactly $10,000. I even double checked the results to make sure my answer was correct.

The final competency was Communicating and Representing. This competency was all about the math. I had to add up all my costs to $10,000 made sure that was correct, then I had to average out my daily expenses and create an equation to enter into the graph to create an accurate representation of what my daily spending costs were per day. I think I showed accomplished in this competency as I didn’t exceed, I just did what I had to and made sure all the answers were accurate.