As the last project of our Humanities 8 class, we had to go out with a bang. As we’ve dove deeper and deeper into world history, ancient relics, leaders and civilizations, we’ve been moving along a certain timeline. The last project we had was about the RENAISSANCE, and the one before that was about the DARK AGES. So naturally, it would be time to learn about New France. The goal of this project would be to find an artifact from NEW FRANCE and create a story about it. Of course we’d be guided by our driving question “how can artifacts teach us about settlement, peoples and life in New France”? We’d also be assessed on the curricular competencies that I mention later. Now, lets take a step by step guide on my project. Onto milestone 1.

Milestone 1 was not easy to say the least, but it was definitely one of the more impactful and important ones for the project. It showed us how to write about objects and send a message and story through writing about them. We had to choose an artifact that would show how quarantine has affected us. I chose the iPad because it’s how everyones communicated in our school and how we’ve all stayed connected in these hard times.

Milestone 2 was learning about life in New France. For this milestone we had 3 options. We could write a letter from a character from New France we chose, create a sports card showing his attributes and information or we could create an explain everything. I chose the sports card option. As I play a game called NBA2K20, which has sports cards in in, I created a card for my character based off of that. The card shows his info like where he lived, his birth and death snd even where he worked.

Milestone 3 was artifact research. We had to choose an artifact from New France found at Once we found an artifact we thought was interesting, we wrote research about it in a pages document. The artifact I chose was a French Coat of Arms. Because I chose the French Coat of Arms, I had to write the year it was made, who made it, where it was found and when it was found. This milestone was also a pretty substantial one as the artifact was the basis for our story.

Milestone 4 was the biggest milestone yet. We had to write the entire short story. After we had all the research, and a general idea of what we would write, we got down to writing it. I wrote mine about a man who created a French Coat of Arms which later came to life. You can see my book at the top of the page. I believe that this milestone was the most important as it was the biggest workload and was basically our entire project.

Milestone 5 was easy. We had to convert all we had written into a book creator book that looked good and was formatted properly. Once again, you can see my book at the top of the post. Now, lets move onto the competencies.

The 2 competencies we were assessed on were communicate and evidence. Communicate was all about the communication of ideas snd spreading our knowledge through writing, pictures and of course, through our project. I think I deserve an extending mark in this category as my story communicated my knowledge of New France and my artifact in a clean, easy to comprehend and entertaining manner. As for the evidence competency, I think I deserve an accomplished mark as I didn’t exceed nor fall behind in this area. This competency was us showing our evidence to support an adequate historical conclusion for our research inside our book, and I think I showed that while still keeping my book entertaining.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this last Humanities 8 project as it was a mix between writing, research and history. It taught me how to create a good story, how to format properly and create a good looking book. How to show my research in a book and how to stay driven. In this project I succeeded in the formatting aspect and maybe struggled a bit in the writing aspect. I am definitely most proud of my sports card as I think it looks really good. I feel I ventured into some new skills I’ve never really used such as using book creator well and taking an artistic approach into this project. I enjoyed the book creator aspect the most as I love designing things. Now I would like to thank all the teachers that helped our Humanities class and myself grow as a learner. Now I’m finished grade 8!!!!!!