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Running A Remake 🏃💨

Now that the gates have opened and schools are fully operational, so have our classes. But not without the necessary changes and precautions. Now instead of having four classes per day from 8:30 until 3:00 we now have only two… Continue Reading →

Blue Sky

Exhibitions are some of the most important milestones in a PLP students learning career. It shows the overall learning and achievement over a term or even a year. I’ve participated in two exhibitions now, the first one being the STAR-WARS… Continue Reading →

Summer TPOL 2020

  Driving Question: I feel I am ready to move onto grade 9 as I have developed and grown as a learner not only according to the curricular competencies but also on my own terms.    Grade 8. Possibly one… Continue Reading →

My Corona Photo Essay

During the first few weeks in quarantine, we started our first project through online school. It started off a little rough, but once we got into a routine it started working out. Our job was to become photo journalists and… Continue Reading →

Destination Imagination Provincials

As you probably know, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been affecting peoples lives around the world, hence the term pandemic. We performed our DI regionals live before COVID-19 got big. Our Destination Imagination provincials unfortunately got cancelled so we had… Continue Reading →

Destination Imagination Regionals 2020

Destination Imagination… My first destination imagination was quite eccentric. People running around, so many forms and most of all, the exhaustion. Throughout the entire thing, I could tell everyone was tired, staying up late nights working on their projects. Regardless,… Continue Reading →

Winter Mpol 2020

The last few months have been jam packed with learning. In this post and presentation I will be covering the most important milestones, projects and my overall studies as a learner. To guide us through this post and presentation, I… Continue Reading →

Winter Exhibition 2019

Right before the winter break, to cap off the term with a bang, our entire PLP cohort showcased our extravaganza of learning in one big winter exhibition. The project was guided by our driving question. “How might I design an… Continue Reading →

POWER Of The Pencil

As you may know by now I am in a school program called PLP. In PLP we take advantage of technology. As a Requirement we all have to buy iPads and Apple Pencils. During the month or so in our Maker class we… Continue Reading →

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