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For our maker project we were tasked to write in our blog about all of our video skills and our videos. Our first video we made was our four shot film, it was basically about the different angles and shots you can get for taking video. It was really cool to see that you can see that you can use four shots to make a good film. So our video was about something bad so we had a guy who was homeless and he was really hungry so he eat a plant that ended up being poisonous plants. So he got a bad stomach ach and throw up then passed out. So that video was our warm you could say for Alberta so that brings me up to our second video ghost town this video we went to ‘a ghost town’ but really it was a town that the guy made don’t get me wrong it was a really cool place you really could learn a lot about the town and the olden days. So for our video it was pretty much could be anything you want so my group did a movie that his mom hit him in the head at the blacksmith shop and he woke up in this ghost town. Then he is followed by these mask men who try to kill him what I learned from this video is that you have to scout out your area and use everything to your advantage also when you have a time limit you have to work together and work hard.

It was a really cool experience because it felt like a real production and I think our movie turned out really good. Our next video was a big one our Alberta video this had been the biggest video so far. What we had to do answer the driving question how does place impact who we, are first off I like to talk about the Core competencies continuity and change how I did with that was pretty good I felt like I showed change by in my video I spent some time speaking about what I learned about how much place effect us which effects change.

So the first significant stop for me was rogers pass where we got some great footage for our interviews we interviewed 2 people about the tourism that comes here. Then the next interview was a lake Louise and boy is that place stunning it literally takes your breath away I highly recommend going there. So the guy we interviewed was named hawk and he was from the Cree nation, and he answered questions about the environment and how tourists were using it he said they were being responsible with the land and not littering so he said that the tourists were being respectful with the land. The next place was Columbia Icefield and when we were there it was amazing to see how this place is not going to be there for long so it kinda put into perspective how don’t take the earth for granted because it not going be here with the way we are treating it. When we got up there it was stunning the view was great. So now I will show you my first draft.

So as you can see there is a lot of room for some improvements so for my second draft I took myself out and added pictures and music more interviews and the first video was to long so I had a couple of days to improve so I did just that and I am really proud with my second video I think it shows how much I leaned and how far I have came since the first video here it is.


The last thing I would like to talk about was how this trip changed my life little on how i look at things and on how place affects people and your economy. This trip for me was really cool and made so many memories.

So the next video we did was our royal Terrel museum video for this video we had a partner and we had one hour to each film our video so my was about the  Albertosaurus this dinosaur was exclusive to Alberta so I thought it was a great idea to do him. What I did was go out to the front and talk about the place then went to the station and talked about it.

As you can see we dropped the ball on this one but I do think it was a good learning experience because I think that time limit and as you can see our mike did not cooperate at all of us so I think the pressure of all it really got to me in a time of it and I just couldn’t get it done. Some things improve on for next time is stay clam and really think our what I want to film and not just ran around like a crazy person. That was our last video in Alberta so moving on would be.

So know it was time to film so the day we filmed for our first draft it was raining really hard so it was hard to film but we made it work it was really cool to see what a real film looks like I mean I was in dead pool 2 so I got to see what it looks like lucky and I know a bit more about film because of that. So when we were filming I felt like a real actor on a real set I would love to be a actor in the future so all these videos I have been making have been a really cool experience. So after filming we had to edit and make sure the movie looked the same I thought it looked the same but obviously there were things to improve on but there are always things to improve on and we also ran out of time.


So here is our first video as you can see not the best compared to the actual film so my group was determined to make as close as possible to the film but the one problem was I was not wearing the same clothes and the weather was different so we had to re film the whole movie pretty much but that was ok because I think we did a lot better than the first video.


So here is our final video I think there is a lot if improvements in our second one compared to our first one. First off we used our own sounds and got all the shots and all around the editing was better. So in conclusion what I learned from this project was how to make a pre production how long it takes and how important it is to making a great film. Then I leaned about the production side of it what it takes to make a great film the shots and the angles the setting the weather all of that. Finally the post production what it takes to make the film look good and make sure you have enough b-roll because you can never ever run out of it. It is always a good thing to have more than not enough. The last thing I learned was how hard and fun it is to make to make films and how much more respect I give to people who make films because it is really hard and they make it look really good. So know in humanities we were working on all the different revolutions. But before that I would like to talk about the core competencies for the maker run video. The core Competency I would like to talk about is innovative designer. For a video we had to make a design process like our screen play storyboard coffee and then film that I really think our video wouldn’t be good and it wouldn’t really show our skills in filmmaking and video. Now back to the revolutions For this project we had to make for videos and turn of total three of them being mini videos so the options were to choosewhat is project we had to make for videos in terms of total three of them being mini videos so the options were to choose were the French Revolution American revolution Russian revolution so the first one we did was the French Revolution.

French Revolution this was pretty cool and my group did a John green style video he is the host for crash course. For our first video we had all of us in it my group members were Tom, Brenton, Jude and myself so I started it off with the interduction then tom and Brenton went back and forth for a bit. The video was decent it definitely could have been better but we did fool around for a bit even tho we didn’t have much time. So we definitely could have done better but overall it was decent video.

So as you can see the video is not our best so for the next video our next video was American Revolution for this we took a different approach we did a screen play. A screenplay is where you basically write out what you are going to say or a general idea of what to film so I thought that would help our group a lot so we tried it.SCREEN PLAY FOR THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION  so the point that was to make it easy for us to film because we already knew what we wanted to film. But in my opinion it did not help at all our video did not improve but actually it made it worst to be honest.

So as soon as I saw this video I thought to myself there is absolutely no way I can hand this in so I took the initiative to make a brand new video and it was way better I actually could hand it in.

I actually quite proud of this video since I made it all by myself and basically did in two nights. This video I think is better than our John green one for sure I put a lot more effort to be the leader in our group and make sure that everyone is working. For our next video it was the Russian revolution video and I took the lead in this one for sure we our last video before our final video so our video was a rap oh boy was this fun and really hard to film. It was fun because you can make up rap names and have fun filming but for my group it was also really easy to get out of task and fool around. But we started of by making a screen play and a story board this time it is basically were you draw what you want to film. So we made the rap our lyrics were very good I think and it all started to come together once were done filming we made our voice records and then I edited the whole thing and I think I did a really good job editing on it this was probably our best video yet we really tried and it came together.

So now we are on to our final video the take your kid to work day video. So the day started off by waking up at 7:30 and driving off to Burnaby one mistake I made was I didn’t sign out a mike because I it was a very late notice that I was going to my moms work. When we got there my mom started off by going around the building and explaining everything basically a tour. Whence I got the lay of the land this guy from maintenance and his name was sunny I will never forget that name for sure. So he took my around and explaining how the building works what has been fixed when I was there each year the redo the pool so I was there when it was happening it was really cool seeing the pool without water and how many people were working on it. That reminds me so thing I came out of there at the end of the day with how many people it takes to run a place like that. So when I got back from the tour I learned about my mom’s job and how it works I got to photocopy things my mom needed to photocopy. So my mom is in customer service, if you want a pass or rent the place out you will phone her. Her job is pretty cool not the most fun job I don’t see myself doing her job or anything like her job.

To end this off I know this is a long post but if you get this far I would like to say thanks for all the hard work from our teachers because this has been a really fun first term and it has motivated me to work harder and harder.

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