Movie Review|| The last Jedi

The Star Wars, Episode The Last Jedi is shockingly good. You’d expect it to be loud and gargantuan and to hit its marks in the manner of JJ Abrams’s Force awakens which was the first episode under Disney is  as well as the first to leave George Lucas behind, presumably counting his money and leaving the fans. What you’d never dare expect is high style, let alone the kind of emotion that holds you through three different story’s Which hich has a mandate to look backward and forward as well as sideward at any character with the potential to be spun off into his or her own vehicle. But the new writer-director, Rian Johnson He pinpoints the intersection between characters’ desperate need to belong and the special effects that will lift those longings into the realm of myth. He achiees what no one else has since The empire strikes backk

Daisy Ridley returns as Rey, the orphan who, last time out, discovered that she had the Force and used it to repel an attack by the callow Darth Vader Wannabe Kylo REN    after which she took off (with Chewbacca and R2-D2) for the rocky island where Luke Skywalker lives in self-imposed exile. It was a holy moment at the end of The Force Awakens when she came face-to-face with him at the top of a long line of steps, bearing his old lightsaber. It’s an unholy moment in The Last Jedi when the last Jedi tosses it away and returns to his cave to feel sorry for himself. Not Yoda will he be, apparently. What’s eating Luke? It takes Rey a while to get the full story In the meantime, who should show up in visions but Ren, who carves out a quiet space in a parallel realm in which he and Rey share their innermost thoughts. She’s convinced that despite his fealty to the creepy Supreme Leader Snoke she can reach the core of Jedi decency in him, much as Luke once stirred the long-dormant heart of Darth Vader. But Luke has his doubts about Ren. Perhaps it had something to do with howHe skewered his own dad. The Rey-Luke-Ren triangle is really the main story line, but much time is taken up by Star Wars’ new high-flying cowboy, Poe Dameron

I also think, The last Jedi, there’s a lot of sleight-of-hand involved in making you think that the plot is moving forward instead of in circles. The first demolished space cannon is very exciting, the twelfth a bit of been-there-exploded-that. And how can it be that, however traumatic the intervening decades, the open-faced, shining-eyed Luke Skywalker has evolved into a raspy, hirsute, get-off-my-lawn old fart? His name should be Luke cavswalker like go help the rebels you old fart.

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