Chemistry unit

For this unit we were working on Chemistry 🧪 and I can tell you it was not my strong suit. For part of this unit I was in Las Vegas playing baseball so when I got back we did atom investigation worksheet this worksheet was for us to understand atoms and how to draw them. This helped me understand really how to draw a bhor model. So the next thing we did was a bunch of worksheets so we could practice and get a better understanding of chemistry so when we were ready we took a khan academy quiz to see where we were at you had to get at least 8/9 to pass so if you didn’t get 8/9 you had to keep trying till you got it. It took me a fair amount of time but after a lot of concentration and hard work I got 8/9 so for our project we were making an animation about chemistry and how they bond. The first thing we had to do was choose 3 atoms There are my atoms then we had to make a storyboard for our animation to make it easier for us to make the animation because we already know what to do but at first my storyboard was horrible I can completely agree with that because I didn’t really understand the storyboard so I went in a completely different way but after that I think my storyboard was pretty good we made some changes to it made it clear and easy to understand so as you can see they are more clean and easy to understand so now I am of to the animation stage where you go to an app called explain everything I have my own opinions about this app that I think is better to not say but that is the app we used so I made my movie for the winter exhibition along with our Star Wars unit in humanities there will be a post to that to. So at the end I was pretty happy with my movie but it definitely could have been better I think if I worked a little harder on at the end this could have been pretty good. But a good thing is that I think it showed my level of understanding for chemistry.


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