A Witness to history

Hello everyone and welcome to another covid blog post. This one is all about our latest Maker project, this was also one of my first projects during online school with my humanities gold project which is coming soon. The first thing we did was milestone 1 launch video and what you had to do was a create iMovie video about trailer in iMovie I chose to do a superhero trailer and I really enjoyed making this trailer it as really fun to make and you could have fun with it. But first you had to do a planning sheet so you had an idea of what you wanted to create and to help you get going.

So know we started moving into milestone 2, which was a story telling diagram. Our project was about how covid has affected a community and how later down the road how will look at these times. So we had to create a video showing how covid has affected a community of your choice so my original idea was something about baseball but I kept thinking and thought of what if I did something about the youth of our community and come to realize that it was a good idea so decided to go with it. So that is were the story diagram comes into play so you had to write one and get approved before you could move onto the next step lucky for me I got approved on my first try. so then we moved into milestone 3 which was all about learning about GarageBand and making music so we had to lessons and learned how to make music because for our videos we had to make our own music I found it pretty confusing at first but after working with it for a while I figured out how to make some music. So for milestone 4 it was our story board and again you had to get approved and luckily for me I got approved first try for our story boards we had to basically create what our videos were going to look like on paper and it helps you think about what you are going to create. And once you got approved you could start filming for your video. So I got right to work on filming and getting all my shots and interviews and everything to make sure I was ready and here is my final product


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