Time is money

Hello everyone and welcome to another covid blog post and today I will be talking about my latest science project Time is money and in this project we learned about how to run a business and what it takes to start up one. So what we had to do in this project is either pick a product or a service to do I picked a product which was baking a cake and selling it for 10$ and then we had to write in a spread sheet and figure out how much it cost to bake a cake how much time it takes to bake a cake and what is the start up cost. Then we took what did in the spread sheet and made it into an equation. then we had to put that into a graph using a graph calculator and then to wrap it all off we had to make a video explaining the project and explaining what we did.

In conclusion I think I did a good job with my work and understanding what we were doing and doing the work but I think something I could improve on would be handing in my work on time.

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