WW1 My last Project of Grade 9

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog and today I will be talking about my last project of the year for humanities and it was all about WW1. The first thing we had to do was milestone 1 we had to create a drawing about what leads to a war and the domino affect This picture shows how one thing will lead tp another if he kills this guy then it will lead to war. Then the next thing we had to do was we had to choose a soldier and write about him and his life because at the end of our project our class was creating a book in book creator.  So now we got to see the book template and the next task we got was a topic and we had to write about it for our book my topic was the tools used in the trenches this was definitely a pretty interesting topic because I never really thought about what was used in the trenches in WW1. so this was my first draft of the topic research then we had to take the solider and topic and put it in the book creator template.

so those were my pages in the book and to end this post of I will put the whole book hope you guys enjoyed and thank you for a great grade 9 year.

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