R&J plus radio show?

Hi and welcome back to my blog today it is going to be all about Romeo and Juliet and our latest project about them it all started with our very own version we got to literally choose whatever we want we could change the story a lot of only a little bit we could do whatever we wanted I choose to do mine as dumb and dumber the movie it was actually pretty fun to write but if I did it again I could have done it way better and made it more funny but that was only milestone 1 moving onto 2 when doing all these milestones we watching 2 versions of Romeo and Juliet movies. The next we did was created my very first co hosted podcast for everything sports my podcast series go check it out. But our topic for our first one was what is a classic? This podcast was actually pretty good for a first co hosted podcast we did it online through FaceTime because of Covid but it went really good we all put great points and had a great conversation.

But we were not done we were giving feedback on our podcast and got another topic and we had to create a second co hosted podcast but this time it was on what is a adaptation? This time it was way better for me because it was about the NBA bubble which is you know you, you know i know a lot about sports but this one was definitely our better podcast and went really well take a listen.

Now moving onto our radio show we had about one week to pull it off it was hard work but very fun as well it was Romeo and Juliet but 2 kids sitting at home listening to it on the radio and me and Gabe had the to guys sitting on the coach role it commented a lot of the play and let our audience know what was going on in the play it was actually a really fun project and in conclusion I did a lot of firsts but were all very Fun and cool and this project is up there for best project that’s all I got for you guys today thanks for reading and till next time cya yea.

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