Awesome images part 2

For our second lesson in awesome images we had three activities and one project.

For our first task we took self portraits.

In our pictures we had to express different emotions and try taking photos from different angles. Here are my photos.

While taking my photos I had trouble with lighting and really learned how to properly angle my iPad to keep the shadows out of the picture. I also learned which times to take a clear photo.

For the second task we had to a portrait of someone else I took a few photos of my sister.

While taking these photos my main challenge was getting my model to stay put but either than that I learned quite a bit about taking a photo from an angle to enhance an emotion the “model” is expressing.

In the third task was to make a silhouette portrait, for this task we had to take a picture of someone or ourselves eliminate and crop out background objects and darken the person in the photo and then edit our picture to enhance the persons silhouette. Here’s my photo.


Like the first task I had trouble finding good lighting, and had trouble finding a background that would showcase the silhouette. While taking this photo I learned more about angles and balance between light and dark spaces.

For our project we had the choice between recreating an old photo of ourselves and family members and friends or to recreate a famous drawing or painting of somone in history. Originally I wanted to recreate an old family picture but ended up not being able to access our photos. Instead I used google art selfie to match my face to a painting. I found a painting I thought would be fun to recreate, Here’s my photo….


I found this project pretty challenging and had many pictures in my photo library after this task. But had lots of fun recreating this painting and learned a lot about the challenges and constant frustrations in photography.

I really enjoy all the awesome images tasks and projects and have had a great time completing them. Thanks for reading,Kaia


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