The Egalitarian Party of Canada.

Hey everyone it’s Kaia. As I mentioned in my last post, we are currently working on a new project called “Think You Can Do Better?” which is all about politics. Last post I wrote about the overall current structure of our government and my opinion of it. Now I’m taking my own opinions of what needs improvement and applying it to my groups very own political party.  

In this post I’m introducing my, Ciara, Emily and Fraser’s political party….. The Egalitarian Party of Canada. 

The Egalitarian Party of Canada, is a party determined to create an equal future. Our Party focuses on current and future issues, hoping to provide immediate change and well structured plans.

As mentioned in our press release above, we have multiple unique ideas. While we believe in tackling a variety of conflicts and issues, our most unalike ideas are the following….

Currently there are already existing charity tax benefits. In which Canadians can provide proof of charity donations to lower income tax. The Egalitarian Party of Canada plans to improve and alter this idea.


Our current economy is a big worry, many parties are determined to tax the rich to balance out the wealth gap. Our party has come up with a plan to balance the wealth gap without extreme taxing. Instead we promote donation programs that could lower taxes. We popularize and improve this system. This way the rich can see where their money is going, and can view the benefits of their donation.

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Our party is based on equality. A huge goal of ours is to create more diversity and representation in politics. To achieve this we will create multiple scholarships throughout Canada designated for minority students with intrest in politics and leadership. This will not just aid students but will also create a more diverse and well educated future government.

Why would someone vote for The Egalitarian Party of Canada?

An individual would vote for our party if they believe in equal treatment of all Canadian citizens, in achieving true representation, the improvement of our economy and a fair and powerful future for Canada. Our party would be truly committed to the people, looking out only for the needs of all Canadians. We would follow through with all of our plans and be devoted to our goals. Overall our party is meant to benefit and support all people.

Thanks for learning about our political party, new posts will be coming soon about this project and The Egalitarian Party of Canada. 

See you soon, 


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